Even though the process of lactating is natural and beautiful, nipples dripping with milk over our clothes are quite unsightly. It happens when the mother’s breasts produce more milk than the baby needs. If the baby is not fed with the milk immediately, the extra liquid gets leaked or sprayed.

This can spoil the lingerie or the clothes you wear, especially if you choose to wear plain bright tops which will show stains around your breasts. (I am sure, you don’t want to highlight yourself that way)

Leaking can also happen while you are feeding the baby when he or she does not want it. Women who not have huge breasts cannot contain too much milk which results in leakage. Sometimes mothers get stressed out with the baby’s needs. Also, the hormonal changes caused can result in leakage. If your breasts tend to produce too much milk, then the liquid will spill. (Don’t worry, that is natural, and you can control it.)

When a mother feeds from one breast the other one is likely to spill milk.

Here are some ways that can help mothers avoid damage to their clothes.

Feed your child as much as possible. Mothers should observe how their body feels during feeding and not let their breasts get too full. Lactating mothers feel hungrier than other people as the food they eat gets converted into milk for the baby. It is okay to have a little snack to feed the baby. Instead of feeding the baby only during scheduled times mothers can also feed the baby whenever there is sufficient free time, and the baby is willing to take the milk.

Another good way to prevent leakage is to apply pressure to the breast in a direct and even manner. This will stop the flow. It can be done when the mother is away from the baby or is unable to feed. When out in public or the workplace, a good way to stop people from staring would be to cross your arms over your chest tightly. A well-fitted shirt or bra with nursing pads can also be worn to reduce leaking.


The market now has products which contain a device that can collect the spilled milk. You can also use Sirona products for that matter! These are fit into the bra. Quite many women are trying this, and it can be particularly useful in the case when you start feeding, and leakage starts in another breast.

Let’s face it. Your nipples are going to be wet and damp. They become a breeding ground for fungus such as yeast. Therefore it is mandatory to keep them clean and dry. Your bras and nursing pads should be changed regularly to avoid any germs and bacteria.

To cover up the leakage, one can experiment with clothing.  A comfortable loose shirt can be worn over your nursing top.

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