While it may be common for a woman to visit her gynae when she has some problem, it is rare for women to visit their doctor when they are healthy. The concept of preventive screening is based on the fact that we want to look for a disease or a problem before its symptoms are apparent! The idea is to detect a problem early so that it can be treated early as well. 

Your gynaecologist is a person who is trained to look for specific markers of future disease through a screening examination. It is therefore imperative to see your doctor at regular intervals. Besides an overall general physical examination and blood work, your doctor can do a per speculum examination of your vagina, if required to screen for any signs of reproductive tract infections. It is advisable to undergo a pap smear once every 2 years starting with the first one around the time you initiate sexual activity. The meeting can also be an opportunity to discuss any menstrual complaints and your plans for contraception and pregnancy. 

If you are using a regular contraceptive, like intra uterine device (copper-t etc), your doctor can check the position of the threads on per speculum examination. If you are preparing for a future pregnancy, your doctor can help set up a preconception counselling session and some essential tests for both parents to be. 

Did you know there are certain vaccines, which you might need before conception if you are planning a baby? In summary, even though it feels like you don’t need to visit your doctor in absence of disease, it is actually better to visit one when healthy. While ideally you may want to schedule an appointment once every 6 months, it is advisable to fix at least a yearly meeting with the doctor.

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