Winter has finally arrived. Your skin and hair are showing signs of the same. How? Chapped lips, dry itchy skin, and dull hair; don’t you consider these as signs of chilly winter? Our entire wardrobe is now getting filled with cold creams, moisturizing body lotions, hair oil, sweaters, socks, etc.

We all take good care of our skin and hair, which are part of our outer appearance. But ladies, do we take enough care of the body parts under the wraps, especially our private zone? Do you know which products are safe to be used for your intimate areas?

If not, we are here to help you with it? We will enlighten you with all the products that are safe to be used for our intimate areas.

1) Wash: There are various products available in the market that keep your “V” away from wetness and maintains the dryness. Not just wash, even powder, cream, and foam washes are available to keep our private zone safe. The striking feature of these products is that they cleanse your vagina maintaining the pH balance. All these products are safe for the intimate area and keep it sweat-free. This makes you feel fresh all day.

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2) Wipes: These are not the wet wipes that you use to wipe your face. These are the ones that make your intimate area feel great. Don’t believe us? Then try Sirona intimate wipes. They will keep you refreshed all day long. They are easy to carry and the best option when you are on the run. The market also provides post-sex wipes that freshen you up after the messy intimacy. These wipes maintain the pH of your vagina.

3) Probiotics: Probiotics are believed to keep your gut microflora intact. This is extremely essential for your vagina as they help in maintaining the pH balance. These products keep intimate area discomfort, odour (post intimacy and post-period), and bacterial imbalance at bay.

4) Lotion: Feel irritated and itchy after shaving your pubic hair? After razor shaving your pubic hair, there is an unbearable inflammation down there. Don’t you worry! This will be soon gone after the use of lotions. Certain ointments/lotions cool down all these issues and are gentle enough for your vagina. If you clean shave your vagina regularly, then you should have these products with you.

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5) Boric Acid Suppositories: Boric acid, a white crystalline chemical substance has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. This makes them highly effective against vaginal yeast and pesky infections. They work wonders overnight and regularize your vaginal pH.

Some questions must be bothering you like is it easy to use these products? Are these products readily available? Are these products costly etc.?

Here is the reply. These products are easy to apply. There is no rocket science in it. These products are available on Amazon and other online shopping websites at an affordable rate.

‘Prevention is always better than cure.’ Then why wait for the extreme to happen? Keep these products handy and maintain your intimate hygiene at all times.

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  1. For vagina…it is pessaries not suppositories. The later is for anal insertion. It will also be great if you can mention or recommend products under these categories.

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