(5 mandatory things that are usually found in a women’s bag)

What is in her bag? Is a mystery to many people, especially men around the world. A woman not just carries her wallet, or makeup kit but also a lot many essentials. Well, if you have the below mentioned in your bag, you are good to go! But if you don’t, guess it is time to put these mandatory items in your daily carry bag!

  1. FACE WASH – Facewash is one of the most important things that is usually found in every woman’s carry bag. Acne, blemishes, oily skin, drying, Sirona Exfoliating Face Wash helps you fight all of it, anytime. It consists of flaxseed extracts which contain fatty acids that help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. Well, if you are not carrying a facewash in your bag, it is time to act and stay prepared for impromptu freshness makeovers during the day.
  • MULTI-USE WET WIPES – Well, before anything else, this product is something that is blindly kept in one’s bag. Wet wipes, especially with so much of pollution, is a mandatory item for not just women, but everyone who is travelling and working outside their homes. Sirona Multi-use wet wipes are refreshing Wet Wipes for cleaning multiple areas of your body. One of a kind, they are Hypoallergenic and ideal for wiping Hands, Face & other surface & contain fruit extracts to leave you refreshed and moisturized. For any area, use each wipe only once using a front-to-back stroke.


  • PERIOD PAIN RELIEF PATCHES – Damn! That period pain. I am sure, all women go through it every month. More or less, it is an abdominal pain with stress and mood swings parallel to the same. This item is mandatory in your bag because just like periods play the unpredictable game of occurring with tremendous pain, you can playback with period pain relief patches and get spontaneous relaxation anytime and anywhere! Sirona’s Herbal Feminine Pain Relief Patches are 100% herbal – no side effects and relieves your pain for 12 hours straight.
  • SWEAT PADS – Welcoming summers is equivalent to welcoming sweat. Do you face the same problem and feel the need for a solution? Well here’s the freedom from underarm sweat, stains and odour with Anti Stain:Sweat Pads by Sirona that you can carry to all the places you go! The sweat pads act as a sweat shield and lock the excess sweat before it reaches your clothes. Thus leaving your fresh all day long with no stains, sweat and odour. Woah! You better have these in your bag lady!


  • DIGITAL TAMPONS – You are a 21st-century woman, and its time to break the stereotypes. Tampons are a life saviour! Trust me, pads made with synthetic material give you rashes, but tampons are small and easy to use plus don’t cause rashes. Especially the digital tampons are designed to be easily inserted during menstruation & absorb the menstrual flow. It expands in width for a perfect fit and zero leakage. Guess you can’t ignore this from putting into your bag!!

Go girl! Add these mandatory items in your bag with a big smile and carry with pride!

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