As you must have witnessed several times, men hardly have any clue about what it’s like having a vagina, let alone be aware of important things like periods and tampons. “No vagina, no opinion,” this dialog by ‘Rachel Green’ from ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.,’ is true. However, over the period, men have been asking women a whole bunch of weird questions that will make you wonder whether he’s crazy or just stupid. Here’s a sample of queries that men ask about tampons.

Do you feel the tampons inside your V point?

Only twice. Once while inserting and once when it has fully absorbed the red, apart from that, the presence of tampons is hardly noticeable. Once inserted, it’s like nothing is down there.

Does a tampon have arousal effects on you or do they turn you on?

Uhm! Hell no. They don’t have that effect. Tampons do not provide the clitoral stimulation required to turn on a woman. Once they are inserted, you don’t feel it down there. Tampons are there to absorb the blood and stop you from bleeding. That’s it. It’ll take more than mere tampons for that arousal effect on women.

Is tampon like a hat that you forget you’re wearing?

It somewhat is like a hat. A tinny-tiny hat inside that vagina that collects all the red liquid oozing out of the area. And no we cannot just forget that it there. Tampons have to be changed every 4-8 hours to maintain our hygiene factor.

How can putting them in and taking them out of there, not turn you on?

Well, do guys masturbate every time they touch their penis to pee? Maybe or maybe not. We are taking on the not situation. Likewise, putting a tampon inside the vagina is not even remotely close to a hot situation. It isn’t creating any clitoral stimulation. It’s just menstrual blood absorber.

Does it feel like a penis or dildo inside?

Most definitely a tampon doesn’t feel like either a penis or any dildo. A woman would know if anytime it does. However, never has it been referred to as either of them. If your girlfriend is telling you that your wang feels like a tampon, we suggest you break-up with her, like on a serious note.

If you remove it, will there be a blood flood?

Usually, it does not happen. However, it can also depend on that woman’s flow. Sometimes, after the tampon is removed, some blood clots may gush out, but that does not happen always. If you imagine a flood of blood takes place, every time women remove their tampons, nothing of those sorts happen.

Can you pee with a tampon?

Oh yes! It is possible to pee while having a tampon inside you. If you’re aware of the female anatomy, you’ll know how. There are two different set of holes: pee hole and vagina hole. Different exists for separate fluids. The only problem peeing with a tampon in causes is, the string of the tampon gets wet.

Can your tampon soak up your pee in case of no-loo emergency?

As mentioned above, there are two different holes for urine extraction and menstrual blood extraction. Hence, when you’re peeing, the fluid will get out of a separate area, leaving the tampon unaffected, i.e. urine will get out, and your tampons will be intact doing what they do best, soak blood. Therefore, in the case of those no-loo emergencies, women have no choice left but to find a loo as soon as possible to relieve themselves.

While having a tampon in, can you have sex?

Possible but not advisable, neither by health expert nor women. As they say, too much of anything is not good. Likewise, it will be for the vagina, too many things happening at once. And if by any chance, the tampon is pushed farther away inside the vagina, you know that you’re in trouble.

How does it feel having a tampon in your V-spot all day?

Once the tampon is inside the vagina, no, there’s no feeling at all. That’s the beauty of tampons; it’s like they vanish there.

Tampons have been an aid for women since their invention. They enable them to carry out the tasks which were somewhat tricky to do while wearing sanitary pads. Next time you’re asked to buy a tampon don’t be shy or confused, click here.

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