What is the most irritating thing during periods? It depends on woman-to-woman. Some women get irritated with the wetness, some with cramps, and some with the excessive flow. Most women are worried that the pad lining will be visible from their dresses and they won’t be able to wear their favorite dresses during those days.

So who do you think will save you from this crisis? Don’t you know? Yes, ladies, you are right. Tampons are your best friend during this course.Do you think this is the only thing tampons do? Of course not! There are innumerable benefits of tampons that you are not aware of. Let’s see them one by one.

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1. So small yet so big: Women using tampons might be aware of this benefit. Tampons can fit in any damn pocket or purse. You can just carry it casually in front of anyone (if you are ashamed of periods) without the other person noticing.

2. You walk free: Your movements are free with the use of tampons unlike when you are using pads.They offer more freedom of movement. Feeling happy and relieved ladies?

3. Wana dive in ladies? That ‘No’ for swimming during periods can be easily converted to a big ‘Yes.’You can even swim using a tampon and rock in your swimsuit or bikini. What else can you ask for?

Sirona India

4. No wetty sensation: How can we ignore this benefit of tampon? Tampon saves you from the irritation caused due to period wetness. You completely forget that your uterus is shedding its lining when you use tampon. So now you are ready to rock the floor?

5. Invisible: They are literally invisible. Nobody can spot if you have periods no matter how much body-hugging your dress is. You can wear that short dress that you don’t wish to wear during menses.

Sirona India

6. Crumpling: Pads gets crumpled when in use. This is not the case with tampons.It just lets you forget that you are in your periods.

7. Comfort:They are the most comfortable option. While using tampons, you are free to wear your jeggings or tights. How cool is that!!

Sirona India

8. Wear any undies: Yes you read that right. Tampons let you choose your underwear. You don’t have to give a second thought as to which underwear to wear while using tampons.

All your doubts cleared regarding tampons? Hope so. So go and rock in that bodycon dress or party hard in those shorts or walk the ramp in your stilettos without worrying about leakage. Sirona is also at your rescue with its premium applicator tampons.

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