As they say, “if period pain burned calories, it would have been worth it”.

Once upon a time, there was a girl, young and happy when PERIODS showed up in her early teens! Periods, hurray! It was a sign of growing up while the pain overflowed her emotions. It’s no more a secret, but that girl is me with a story to tell, all women can relate to!

This era is all about technology and innovations and vivid awareness, whereas when I was young during my school and college days, every month my menstrual cycle used to make me go bonkers and I had nothing to do but stay home with my cramps and baggy clothes in bed. The pain was unreal and came without a warning! I did miss out on so many important events staying back or popping painkillers which bloated my stomach later.

Guess what, I had to miss my graduation ceremony because the pain was unbearable and the pills or hot pillow couldn’t relief me a bit! Due to the influence of hormones, I could burst into tears.

Can’t blame the mood swings anymore, the pain did all the talking

Now that the period pain is still on board and not getting off the next flight I recently found these amazing pain relief patches. Thanks to growing up with the smart technology, also, thinking about women have gained a priority, which brings me to introduce this product, I recently bought and it did wonders! Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patches from the Pee-Buddy collection is like a magic wand that will relieve you from period pain like “woo! In just a few minutes”. There are five (5) pain relief patches inside 1 pack of Sirona. These pain relief patches are 100% herbal & pocket-friendly, which actually convinced me more to use them and stop bearing the pain volcano trembling up my abdomen and spine.

Also, you can use these patches when there is pain in either lower back or abdomen. Stomach cramps are like mini ninjas inside you, trying to kill you and you need to fight them back! How? The solution is here in front of you!

Don’t trust me blindly buddy, try out for yourself. I missed my important dates and beautiful events earlier due to period pain and crampy stomach, but I refuse to miss them now!
It’s your chance to decide now!

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  1. I located your website from Google and also I have to state it was a great find.

    1. You are most welcome Rochelle. 🙂

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