Should we shave, wax, trim or let our pubes grow? It is probably the most debated question when it comes to personal hygiene. And everyone has one advice or the other to offer when it comes to this. A clean vagina makes you more attractive to your partner when you’re about to get intimate is one such belief. Even women feel cleaner with their pubes shaved especially during menstruation. Since there has been no scientific experiment that proves whether shaving our pubes is hygienic or not, leaving them be is not be entirely wrong either. Here I present to you six reasons why we should let our pubes grow wild and free.

  1. Protects against infection- Pubic hair protects the vagina from infections caused due to bacteria or other unwanted pathogens. It also helps control the moisture around the area thus decreasing the chances of any other infection. Shaving delicate pubic hair leaves tiny cuts around the vagina through which bacteria and viruses can penetrate
  2. Provides cushion against friction- Shaved or waxed pubic hair can irritate the skin around the private parts. It can also lead to abrasions on your partner due to skin on skin contact. Other than the skin problems it causes, it also leads to discomfort due to the inflammable skin follicles. During sex, it acts as a cushion to the sensitive skin around the vagina and labia.

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  1. Excretes pheromones- It is said to that our body secretes pheromones which make us more attractive to the opposite sex. The pheromones retained in the pubic hair release a scent which differs from person to person. It stimulates your senses and leads to an increase in sexual arousal among partners.
  2. Lowers risk of STIs- Even though shaving pubic hair reduces the occurrence of pubic lice, it does not help against other infections. Pubic hair not only prevents yeast infections but also lowers the risk of sexually transmitted infections like herpes and chlamydia.

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  1. Higher risk of genital warts- These are symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). They appear as bumps or growths and are found near or on the vagina. Since they are not easily detectable, it increases the chances of contracting genital warts among partners.
  2. Regulates body temperature- Pubes help retain heat when our body feels cold and keeps sweat at bay when we’re hot.This is because they hold onto warmth more than any other body part. They play an important role in allowing the sweat to evaporate and hence keeping the temperature of the body in control.

Removing pubic hair has become a standard practice mainly due to its aesthetic appeal rather than having any scientific reason behind it. Now that I have given you my view, you can choose to do what you want because in the end it is your body and it is your say in what stays or goes.

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