The most memorable moment in a woman’s life is when she holds her child for the first time. At that moment, it is just her baby and the adoration in her eyes for her baby. I remember the day I held my daughter for the first time – even after hours of enduring labor pain, I had a smile on my face. Before my delivery, I had doubts about a lot of things regarding the health of my newborn and how I could make the world safe. Other questions that I had were – Do I have to breastfeed for a whole year or can it be six months? How often should I hold my baby? How often should I feed my baby in a day? How will I know when the baby is full? And since I know many first time mothers have the same questions; I’ll try my best to answer the most important one. What are the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and the baby?

We as a whole realize that breastfeeding contains the appropriate measure of supplements which gives ideal sustenance to the child. Thinking about the baby’s nutrition lets divert a few of our thoughts on how breastfeeding also benefits the mother. Most of the doctors recommend continuing with breastfeeding for a half year after the conveyance of the child. In other words, breastfeeding is the “perfect food” for babies and “perfect recovering ailment” for mothers. Let’s see the pros of breastfeeding for the babies and the mothers separately.


• Breastfeeding helps the mother to recoup quickly and easily from childbirth as the oxytocin released aides in bringing back the usual state of the uterus.
• The oxytocin hormone released also helps in stopping the postpartum bleeding.
• According to various studies, it has been observed that women who have breastfed have a lesser chance of being diagnosed with ovarian or breast cancer.
• We must admit that breastfeeding helps women to lose weight as the milk production makes a woman lose 300-500 calories at a time. This adds to the pros as a significant bonus point; now moms don’t have to hit the gym to reduce their pregnancy weight if they followed this natural method efficiently.
• The release of prolactin (a hormone released while breastfeeding) won’t let the estrogen and progesterone kick in, which helps in delaying the menstrual cycle.
• It gives an added advantage of acting as a natural birth control method as the mother is not ovulating due to the secretion of prolactin. For this, it has to be ensured that the mother breastfeeds at least for 4 hours a day.
• Breastfeeding helps in the discharge of good hormones which gives a sentiment of delight and satisfaction. Likewise, it candidly joins the mom to her child; getting them along more near one another.
• Apart from all this, this method helps the mothers to save time and work as getting the baby to the breast is much easier than getting up and preparing a warm bottle of milk.


• As we discussed earlier, breast milk provides the ideal nutrients in the exact amount to the children which helps them to stay immune from various diseases.
• The breast milk has a lot of antibiotics which allows the babies to fight with viruses and bacteria. The first milk given to babies which is yellowish and is called colostrum which is rich in immunoglobulin and other antibiotics.
• It reduces disease risk like asthma, eczema, ear infection, etc. It not only immunes and protects the kid in their childhood but is also carried in their adulthood.
• It helps the child to have the proper body weight and prevents the kid from obesity or any other health related issue. While breastfeeding, there is a development of gut bacteria which affects the fat storage which helps in reducing obesity.
• It has been seen that breastfed babies have faster brain development as compared to other babies which might be due to physical intimacy, eye contact.
• The baby has fewer chances of tooth decay as the jaw movements become regular. This ensures the oral development of the baby.

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