Menstrual Cup | Size Small (18ml)


Menstrual Cup | Size Small (18ml)

(6 customer reviews)


  • Use Up to 12 Hours
  • Economical No Rashes
  • Healthy Eco-Friendly
  • No Odor

6 reviews for Menstrual Cup | Size Small (18ml)

  1. Ankita Karmakar

    The product is great! I’m using it, and it feels like nothing…it’s all about forgetting the hassle for a long 8-12hours, and chill. Just amazing, I’m lucky enough to have these within the reach of my hands through online shopping. I haven’t seen these in my city yet, so, thanks to Amazon for this experience.
    Just the packaging is very bad. And I’ve bought another one to gift my Aunt, she’s 7months pregnant and she’ll need it soon.

    Okay, so you fold it (the rim) using a C-fold or a pinch-down fold, and then you insert it through your vagina…it might sound crazy and painful, but it isn’t if you do this in the right way. So, relax, and sit in a squatting position, or you can make your own position ( I lie down, fold my right leg, support it on the toes in the y-axis, and fold my left leg, positioned on the x-axis, this works for me , might not work for you), and insert it, be relaxed, otherwise your vagina will tighten, it’s a normal thing to insert it, so, don’t worry. Also, if you are worried about your virginity, don’t be, I use the medium size, and my hymen is still there. I’m 19, but if you are lesser than that, use the small one. Once inside, the cup must open, so pinch the cup base, it will open up, if it doesn’t, walk around a bit, sit, or do some mild (really mild) waist exercises, it’ll open for sure. you can feel if it hasn’t opened, you’ll feel like it hasn’t been inserted properly, it will cause you some discomfort, it’s an indication. Once properly inside, lie down for a bit, I do it for 2-3 mins, and lift my legs up. I do this coz for the first few minutes, I can feel the stem around my vagina opening, so it’s like inserting it further. After this, you won’t feel a thing…many a time I’ve forgotten that I’m on my periods, it’s that comfortable. During my heavy flow days, the last 5-8 hours ( I fall under the really heavy-flow category, there are people who bleed less/ more than me, also you need to know that, sanitary pads makes you feel that you bleed more, so don’t count upon it). And during my 4th and 5th day, I keep it in upto 24 hours…it’s not advisable, but it’s okay and safe, and I’m lazy. After 5-6 hours, sit in a squatting position, push down your cervical muscles( do what you do when you want your poop to come out), pinch the base, unsealing the brim by doing so, and try to fold it in a C-fold, and pull it out, empty the blood, wash the cup, put it back in, and done. Also, another thing, how to know when the cup is filled? It’ll leak a bit, you will feel some liquid coming down, it first doesn’t come out of the vaginal opening, it’ll stay inside the vagina, but you can feel it, so go and change. And about the safety, you can ask any gynaecologist you want, they’ll all say it SAFE! Gynaecologists recommend using them, as it’s a natural process, and doesn’t cause any infection/cuts/bad smell/disrupt your vaginal pH. Tampons bear the risk of giving toxic shocks, and pads can cut/ disrupt the pH balance( coz most of them have fragrances), and cloths are really risky, coz the bacterias can be on them, coz, you can’t sanitize your cloth and use it directly, it will have to dry, when again the bacterias can come. Also, you don’t have a lot of washing to do in your periods, no smelly business, and it’d be a normal active day for you. Happy periods!!

  2. Ansuya Paleri

    One of the biggest problems I faced with sanitary napkins and tampons was disposal. Either I would have to burn them or they would land up in some landfill. That is really what drove me to try the cup. Because my leaking was cured when I started with the tampon as long as I changed it regularly. This cup is amazing because once you get it right it’s like you forget you are having your period. And as long as you empty out the cup every few hours you won’t have any leaks. But be ready to have some bloody fingers, so be Uber hygienic.

  3. Shanti grg

    Am reviewing this product after 1st use., Earlier I was worried purchase karu ya nahi pta nhi Mai khud se itna bda cup insert kar paungi ya nahi.. review dkh k Maine akhir finally khrid h liya… Aur Mai bta nhi sakti aj mai kitnni comfort and Happy hu.. first day thoda mjhe uncomfort hua due to it’s long stem yeh kafi irritated karta hai.. next day Maine iska stem cut kar Diya.. aur really mjhe feel h nhi hua ki Maine kch andar insert Kiya hua hai.. kaie bar to Mai bhul ja rhi thi ki my periods are going on???? rat Mai jaise chaho so jao without worry koi stain bedsheet Mai hoga.. really yeh bht comfort hai.. every ladies have should use it without any fear..I recommend all my family members and friends tooooo

  4. Jshana

    Sorry to edit, in December 2018 I bought it, it was working well, until March 2019, when last time I cleaned ,sanitised and kept in its cover , and opened again for my next period , I was shocked by seeing red ants eating it ,I could see see minute granules of silicon powerder around .
    Now I’m worrying about my health , I’m keeping inside something not good .

  5. Aanchal

    I just loved The product.. Recently I jst heard about menstrual cups.. nd instantly decided that i had to get one.. this product is absolutly worth it… morever its so cheap with good quality.. i had no issues in inserting it .. I no more hate my periods 🙂 Grateful for whoever invented this freedom cup .. Future of periods

  6. Mandira K.

    I am a working woman having a four year old husband pushed me to buy this cup.firstly I was very uncomfortable about the proper insert of the cup.but when it was completed and feel the freeness I was surprised. I am using this cup from 2 months. It’s really good .no tension for leakage, misplacement of pad nothing.

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Sirona Menstrual Cups

Sirona’s menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene menstrual product which is fast becoming an alternative to tampons and pads. It is a small, flexible, funnel-shaped reusable product which is made of medical grade silicone.
Depending on the menstrual flow, you can choose from the given three menstrual cup sizes:
  1. Large: Large cup size is recommended for women who are over 25 and have given birth vaginally.
  2. Medium: In case your period flow is a little on the heavier side, you can use the medium sized cup.
  3. Small: If you are a woman below 25 years of age who haven’t given birth vaginally and has a regular menstrual flow, a small cup is recommended.

The flexibility of the cup allows its easy insertion and removal. It is safe to keep the cup in for 8 – 12 hours.

How to put in Menstrual Cup?

Follow these steps to put in the menstrual cup:

  1. First and foremost, wash your hands properly.
  2. Then, fold the menstrual cup in C-fold or punch down fold ( whichever is more convenient for you).
  3. Hold the folded sides firmly in between your thumb and forefinger such that the curved edge is facing away from your palm
  4. In a comfortable position (while standing or squatting), gently insert the cup into your vagina. Ensure that your vaginal muscles are relaxed. It should be placed at a few inches below the cervix.
  5. Rotate the cup once it is in your vagina so that it springs open and creates an airtight seal which would prevent leaks.


Sirona Menstrual Cup How to Use

How to take a Menstrual Cup out?

To take a menstrual cup out:

  1. Ensure that your hands are clean.
  2. After placing your index finger and thumb into the vagina, pull the stem of the cup gently until you reach the base.
  3. Pinch the base of the cup lightly so as to release the seal. Then, pull it down for its removal.
  4. Once the cup is removed, empty its contents into the sink or toilet.

How to Clean a Menstrual Cup?

To clean the cup, you can sterilize it before and after every cycle. To sterilize, simply rinse it normally and then, place it in a pot of water and boil it. While you do that, see to it that it does not sink to the bottom (as it could melt if it comes in contact with the saucepan base). Boil for 2-10 minutes and then remove and allow it to dry.

During your cycle, after removing the cup, empty its contents, wash the cup under cold or warm water and then re-insert it. You may try using a scent free, water-based (oil-free) soap or one of the specially designed menstrual cup wipes or wash options.

Once it is dry, store the cup in the accompanying carry pouch.

What are the benefits of a menstrual cup?

  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Safer
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. Enables swimming even during the menstrual cycle
  5. No rashes
  6. No TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)

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