Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes - PH Balanced wipes for Intimate areas


Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes – PH Balanced wipes for Intimate areas

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  • Refreshing intimate wet wipes enriched with aloe vera extracts
  • For intimate areas including underarms, breast and bikini area
  • Prevents unpleasant odours and irritation in the intimate area
  • Safe during periods and pregnancy
  • Easy to carry, use on the go

1 review for Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes – PH Balanced wipes for Intimate areas

  1. Nivedha S

    The product is well suited to be used in intimate areas due to it’s balanced pH. Apart from this the material used is very soft and smooth, that gently cleanses intimate areas. Lastly because it’s cover is small it is easy to carry in a small handbag also. It has a flower and aloe smell that I really like.

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Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes

Intimate Wet Wipes by SIRONA are refreshing wet wipes to keep your intimate areas healthy. One of a kind, these wipes are hypoallergenic and are perfect to be used for intimate areas including Underarms, Breast & Bikini Area. Each wipe contains fruit extracts to leave you refreshed and moisturized.

For Intimate Areas, it is advisable to use each wet wipe only once in a Front to Back Stroke


Ideal for underarms, breast & bikini area
Leaves you refreshed
Easy to carry, Use on the go
pH balanced
No Alcohol Used
Based on the hypoallergic formula
Hypo-allergenic Wipes: It uses hypoallergenic formula based content to keep intimate areas clean and fresh. Since it doesn’t use chemical actives, it can be used for cleansing sensitive skin as well. It blocks odour from thousands of sweat glands and other factors to prevent the intimate area from smelling.
Best buddy for Intimate cleansing on the go

Now, you can keep your intimate areas protected from infections using Intimate Wet Wipes from Sirona. It makes use of fruit extracts to keep the areas refreshed. Unlike most of the intimate wet wipes available in the market, these wipes are alcohol-free.

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Pack of 1 (10 Wipes Each), Pack of 3 (10 Wipes Each), Pack of 5 (10 Wipes Each)