Sirona Natural pH balanced Intimate Wash with No Chemical Actives


Sirona Natural pH balanced Intimate Wash with No Chemical Actives

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  • Hygienic solution for skin with real exotic oils & Eco-cert skin purifiers
  • Exotic ingredients like Olive oil to help maintain natural pH balance, OUD oil essence to cull bad odor, and more.
  • Contains 100% Vegetable source. No Preservative, Paraben, Sulphate, or Chemical Actives
  • Suitable for both Men and Women
  • Suitable for all age groups & skin type

17 reviews for Sirona Natural pH balanced Intimate Wash with No Chemical Actives

  1. Ishant jain

    When I saw the product online, and it’s description it looked like a good mixture of all the essential oils so ordered it. And it really does what it says. Really satisfied with the product. Feels very natural

  2. Monika

    Using this product for a couple of days now.-It is 100% natural so best product for sensitive areas because soap and other washes which I used before had chemicals in it which causes dryness and itching.-Keeps my skin soft, perfect light fragrance and I feel fresh after using it.-Pump bottle makes it more hygienic and easy to use.

  3. Arijit Saha

    It’s an awesome product to be used, i have been using from past few days and the results are superb. It cleans up well with less lather and leaves a pleasant natural fragrance. It don’t let your skin dry and keeps the surroundings clean. Kudos to the product and manufacturer.

  4. Saumya

    Love it! I have sensitive skin and this certainly didn’t cause any irritation like some of the other products I’ve used in the past. I like the amazing smell, it’s not too overpowering. No more itching and odour in inti areas. I find the scent to be very relaxing and I find the formula to be the perfect consistency. Will definitely repurchase! and again amazing delivery by Amazon got this in just 1 day.

  5. anirudh

    Sirona intimate wash is a perfect and the best intimate wash I have ever used, loaded with best ingredients to fight with itching and infection.We men ignore our intimate areas while grooming other parts of our body.Every man should buy it and groomed.

  6. Siddhartha Darbari

    Product is satisfactory and I will buy regularly

  7. negiboY

    The list of ingredients is impressive. It looks like it would be an awesome product and when I used it and feel it is really awesome. The consistency is nice and leaves your body feeling fresh and clean and made of all natural things

  8. Manisha Jha

    I love this product! I love the scent and the odor block control! Good Intimate wash to use especially if for girls intimate area. Perfect for my skin doesn’t make me break out and helps me with the odor control. Securely wrapped as well!

  9. Santosh Kumar Choudhary

    I was usually shopping intimate wash of other Brand for my but when I saw on Amazon that Sirona intimate wash can use man & women both, I purchased it randomly. after using this product for some days now I found that it’s really 100 percent natural and awesome product for sensitive areas.

  10. Rakesh chaudhari

    It’s so easy to use and above all chemical free which could harm my sensitive has beautiful fragrance.must a try for all

  11. Sumera

    Best intimate wash till date I am in love with this product. The best thing about this product is its 100% natural. And the fragrance of the product is awesome. Totally recommended.

  12. Rashi Bajaj

    It’s gentle hence doesn’t leave the intimate area feeling dry or itchy. It has a great fragrance and lathers well.

  13. Mahendra Choudhary

    I love this product. Firstly, it smells fantastic. Second, it actually deodorizes any sweaty smell. I love this intimate wash!

  14. Best

    I saw This product online & bought this product a few days back, It is 100% natural so best product for sensitive areas, perfect fragrance and smells really good. Also helpful for men’s itching problem

  15. Swapnil roy

    Good for keeping you fresh and keep going.

  16. A D

    Good product but it has a strong smellOtherwise it is a good productIt gently clean without drying

  17. Anu

    Amazing product quality I have used it many times it smells really good .. no side effects best product

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Sirona Intimate Wash

Maintaining personal and intimate hygiene is of utmost importance not just to stay clean and feel fresh, but to also prevent infections, bad odour, irritation, itching and other health hazards. Usually, soap and water are used to clean the intimate areas. Using soap to wash your intimate area is not recommended by doctors as it disrupts the natural vaginal flora, which will, in turn, allow the harmful bacteria to grow rapidly. Soap maintains the pH level of the skin which is 5.5 whereas your vaginal pH level is between 3.5 and 4.5, so using soap will change the pH level of the vagina.

Sirona’s Intimate Wash maintains the required pH balance (3.5) of your intimate area & also restores the skin’s acidic mantle with its unique EcoCert skin purifier.

It is perhaps the first Intimate Wash to use therapeutic plant extracts & real exotic oils which helps in maintaining healthy Natural Intimate Flora & in controlling bad odour, irritation & itching.


It has 100% Vegetable source and contains No Preservative, Paraben, Sulphate, or Chemical actives.

It is suitable for both Men and Women.

It can be used by all age groups & skin type.

What are its ingredients?

It has exotic ingredients like:

Tasmanian Pepper Fruit Leaf Extracts
An exotic ingredient from the forest of South Eastern Australia & Tasmania which helps in reducing redness and skin irritation

Rhodiola Rosea Root extracts
A super anti-ageing & anti-oxidant element

Petasites Japonicus Root Extract (Butterbur)
To provide a cool & fresh feeling

Oud Oil
An essence to cull bad odour

Coconut oil extracts
A cleanser with natural foaming properties

Olive oil extract
Helps maintain natural pH balance & keeps your intimate area fresh

Sirona’s Intimate Wash- To pamper you with the most exotic elements from mother nature!