Sirona Breast Pads


Sirona Breast Pads


  • SUPER SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Individually packed pads with super soft edges for maximum comfort for the mother.
  • SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY: The fabric absorbs excess milk (up to 80 ml) & traps it inside the lining, keeping the skin completely dry.
  • EXCELLENT GRIP & FIT: 3D Shape with non-slip adhesive tapes ensure that the pad is kept in place with no movement.
  • ULTRA THIN: Made with the super soft material, it’s ultra-thin & light to fit discreetly under clothing.
  • LEAK PROOF COVERAGE: Multi-layer protection, dry top layer absorbs wetness instantly & breathable waterproof tissue prevents milk leakage, keeping the freshness intact.


Sirona Maternity Breast Pads

Sirona breast pads come in a special 3D shape and are a patented product. Moreover, it is also FDA Approved.  Now, you can use these premium disposable maternity and nursing breast pads to ensure complete peace of mind during the delicate and special period of breastfeeding.

Sirona breast pads are a real blessing for ladies who are lactating. The continuous wetness in the breastfeeding span becomes very uncomfortable and embarrassing for naive moms. They sometimes have to cope with redness and soreness on the breasts due to rashes developed due to excess humidity plus it also works as an invitation for fungal infection if proper care is not taken.


LEAK PROOF COVERAGE: Multi-layer protection – dry top layer present in the pad absorbs wetness instantly & breathable waterproof tissue prevents the breast milk leakage over a long time to protect your clothes and keep the freshness intact.
Ultra Thin Excellent Raw Material:

Made with the super soft material, these disposable nursing pads are ultra-thin & light to fit discreetly under the clothing.

Directions For Use:

Open: Firstly, remove the individually packed breast pad from the packet.

Peel: Peel the release paper from the pad.

Place: Place the breast pads inside your bra so that they are centred on your nipples. If you are using a cream or ointment for sore nipples, apply it before putting the breast pad in place.

Do’s & Dont’s:

Change your breast pads frequently.
Do not flush the pads down the toilet.
Keep pads & wrapper away from children.

With Sirona disposable breast pads, prevent leaks and subsequent clothing stains to enjoy motherhood like never before.

Note: Moisten a breast pad that has dried to your skin with warm water before removing it. This will pull it away from the skin and avoid any skin irritation.

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12 Pads (1 Pack ), 36 Pads (1 Pack), 72 Pads (2 Pack – 36 Each), 108 Pads (3 Pack – 36 Each)


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