Sirona Applicator Tampons , Now Swim, Play and Dance in Periods


Sirona Applicator Tampons , Now Swim, Play and Dance in Periods

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  • PULL – Pull the inner tube till the bottom of the outer tube.
  • PLACE – Place the round tip into your vaginal opening.
  • PUSH – Push the inner tube using your index finger while holding the outer tube with your thumb & middle finger.
  • REMOVE – Remove the plastic applicators & dispose of them.
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9 reviews for Sirona Applicator Tampons , Now Swim, Play and Dance in Periods

  1. SaRoBu

    1 mix pack is not enough for a period of 5-6 days, considering you have to change every 8 hrs or less- depending on the flow. I have to use pads as well in between.

    Otherwise Sirona tampons are excellent!! Excellent absorbency. Super comfortable. Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!! Am a regular buyer and a fan of Sirona.

  2. Dr. CBH

    Really good. Not at all painful while inserting as compared to the non-applicator ones. Highly satisfactory.
    Moreover one whole pack can be used during one period, as there are both regular and heavy flow ones, so it can be used according to your flow. But i found the instruction a bit wrong. U have to insert the outer tube as much as possible and not just insert the tip, otherwise it feels very uncomfortable like it would slip out.

  3. Ayesha Pinto

    Tried it for the first time and I was very happy with the product. I ran, swam and cycled very comfortably with no leakages. The quality of the applicator is excellent and makes it so much easier to insert the tampon.

  4. Mona

    One of the best in market. Very good design and absorbency rate. It’s designed in such a which reduces leaks.

  5. Chaitali

    Product is very nice… those who hate pads in periods this one is best for them… and about amazon it’s always best….

  6. Jai

    It makes you forget that you’re on your period. It’s that good. Amazing product for a first timer.

  7. Vandana


  8. Swati

    I like this product.

  9. Manisha

    Full day protection!

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Applicator Tampons

Tampons are an easy alternative to pads which can be quite messy.
Applicator tampons, as the name suggests, come with an applicator. This is of great help to the beginners.

Sirona’s premium applicator tampons are made from natural absorbent fibres and are the best applicator tampons available in India.

The eight grooves along its length regulate its even expansion and thus enhancing the absorption and reliability. The rounded tip and the thin layer of special netting ensure its smoothness which allows simple and safe insertion of the tampon.

Additional information

Flow Type

Mix Pack (8 Pcs), Heavy Flow (16 Pcs), Normal Flow (16 Pcs)