PeeBuddy - India's First Urination Device for Women to Stand and Pee


PeeBuddy – India’s First Urination Device for Women to Stand and Pee

(146 customer reviews)


  • Individual use and throw funnels
  • For single use only, throw after use
  • Made from waterproof coated paper
  • Freedom to stand and pee
  • Ideal for public toilets, airport or flight toilet, hospitals and medical needs, highways and outdoor, railway and metro
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146 reviews for PeeBuddy – India’s First Urination Device for Women to Stand and Pee

  1. Amazon Customer

    I am a frequent traveller and love going for road trips. Due to certain medical issues, I can neither use Indian toilets nor squat in open to ease out. This product has come to me as a blessing.Now travelling has become so much more fun without being in stress of easing out. Very happy with the Pee buddy.
    1 suggestion,if the device can be individually packed in a polythene or paper bag it would be easier for carrying it and disposing.Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ravinder Kaur

    Its best invention ever for women Hygiene. So convenient to use.its a saviour from all the mess women/girls go through in public toilets may be in trains, long trips or any where you may think of.
    being disposable its even better, so compact to fit in pocket, purse, bag anywhere.
    must take travel buddy!!
    Great product, thumbs up!!

  3. Ruchiika

    An absolute life changing experience for me while traveling. As my liquid in take is really high and travel plans always made me sick only because of reason of not finding clean toilets anywhere. Looks like I find my solution here with this product.

  4. Jatin

    Got it for my wife and it has helped her immensely during highway travels and those to remote areas. Girls/ Women should not shy away from using such products. Needs to be promoted more by the company that owns the brand, as it’s a boon. I have given this review based on the opinions of 2 women who have used it.

  5. Vivekanand Arumanda

    Thanks for this innovative thought. This product made my life easy since my wife is pregnant and she has to travel by train. Using public toilets could easily cause Utinery tract infections. Using pee buddy there is no need to touch the toilet seat. It’s easy to use and made of waterproof material. So, use it and dispose it. Yeah, it’s a real time buddy for every women when traveling. It’s a must buy for every women who travel frequently. The company needs to promote this product more since this is very useful for women when traveling and when using public toilets. Writing this review on behalf of my wife.Thank you Amazon, for super fast delivery.

  6. Sirisha S

    Excellent product I have been using it since the time it’s launched love the product and a must have for every women.

  7. The Doctor

    Must for ladies and girls while traveling…avoids use of dirty public toilets. The concept borders on revolutionary, great potential to prevent UTI among traveling women and girls. Safe, discrete and affordable.

  8. Ria Chitalia

    Great job there inventing this product. It makes life really convenient. Though it’s a bit over priced, don’t forget to do a complete research on the selling price before buying. Overall very good product.

  9. Twinkle Das

    very useful ,every woman /girl should try this product.

  10. Roop

    I think this product is an example of human innovation in true sense. PeeBuddy is doing a fabulous job by getting such unique offerings for us. The product comes with 20 disposable funnels that give freedom from uti, infections and easens the whole experience of using a public toilet. I have started using it for my daughter as well . The product usability is awesome, price is good and the compact pack size makes it a perfect travel buddy. All my fears are gone when it comes to using public toilets!

  11. Amazon Customer

    For all the ladies, evertime u got out, don’t forget this product. If u r environment concerned then u also get reusable ones.

  12. Priyanka

    These are the best for travel and have been using them from a while

  13. Kaustav Dasgupta

    I bought this for my mother, as she has chronical colitis…

    In her own words – ” Real friend at outdoors, where women like me think twice before going for loo., Just in case not to go through again… It is a relief…”

    Carry a hand sanitizer always along, you may not have water everywhere, being on tour specially mountains.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Very useful product it is…I’m quite happy. It saves you from using dirty toilets, you just need to practice once for safe peeing experience. Being a frequent Sufferer of infections I always carry it and till now I quite relieved by the tension of any infection. Just a bit pricey. Nonetheless I’m a regular buyer

  15. Amazon Customer

    I stumbled upon this when I was looking for toilet seat covers. I was curious to try this product . Recieved ‘overnight shipping’ this morning and I immediately tried it. IT IS SUPER. I travel a lot for work to Jaipur and have had to deal with dirty toilets every where . This works !! and is a must have for all we women. I showed it to my daughter who at first said “eeeeu Mom!!!!’ She tried it and loved it too.
    I will always carry this when Im out.

  16. Sohinee Ray Mukherjee

    Amazing product! Being infected by UTI several times after using public toilet, I was in full panic mode; used to stop drinking when on road to avoid toilet. Train journey used to freak me out. This product has saved me! Convenient, easy to use, free from that yucky feeling of using disgusting public urinal. Ladies, dont hesitate, just go for it! This is my third buy of this product.

  17. Rani bhati

    Hey it is a Awesome product you all must try this.. As in many situation we don’t have any other option with us rather to use public toilets which are not clean most of the times at those situations this peebuddy product is just the best.. And this is what all you need to stay hygienic in those conditions.. Be it piblic toilet, your pregnancy time, you have pain in joints, or you are unwell this is a one stop destination, Go for it guys.. Stay hygienic

  18. Shram

    Very useful when you are traveling in India. Very useful and helpful. Easy to use and easy to cary. Must have while traveling item. Go fot it girls.

  19. Amazon Customer

    For a woman traveling sometimes become very difficult because of unhygienic bathroom they don’t get appropriate place it is a great invention I must say
    Take your pee body n feel free to travel
    N don’t worry about your hygiene
    Just use n throw
    Easy to carry

  20. Deepti Shivankit

    Helps a lot. Especially if you are travelling in India.

  21. anusha

    Fantastic product. Works right from the first time. No learning curve. The product is a blessing in a country like ours. Huge thanks to the makers! Life changing product.

  22. jj

    For gals who hate using public bathroom this is ur friend just carry wet wipes and dry one plus sanitizer u donโ€™t have to sit on the dirty infections toilet seats ever

  23. JAMES

    Wife’s review: I’m pregnant and found it difficult to do the usual squat style pee in public toilets. But this has been a savior always. Also useful for older ladies or people with knee issues. The quality of the paper is such that it can be used atleast twice (just saying). Go for it!

  24. Amazon Customer

    Good for travel. You have to get used to it.

  25. Reena C

    Awesome product .Must haves for women who are travelling and wanna avoid dirty toilets, easy to use and hygeinic!!

  26. Mrinalini

    This product is amazing! I can use the loo freely now,even in these peripheral health care centers I’m posted in. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Very satisfied with it.

  27. K.H

    A revolutionary product for women! It is especially helpful when travelling and hence, can help women maintain hygiene.

  28. Gunjan Barbhaya Maheshwari

    A very unique product , saves you lot of trouble of using dirty toilets specially if you are travelling .

  29. Mimi

    Absolutely smashing invention. Useful for anyone who is uncomfortable in using public toilets. A must have for all women travellers

  30. Riya

    Amazing product!!

  31. alisha

    This along with pee safe spray is an absolute must carry in my bag. Seeing the pathetic state of public toilets in India wether it is flights or even malls sometimes itโ€™s good to vary it.

  32. Krishna Arora

    Nice concept .
    Awesome product.
    Every girl and woman should use this product. Highly recommendable..It has changed my lifestyle.

  33. Vijayendra


  34. Aanya S.

    Amazing product, very easy to use and perfect for traveling, a great invention for women.

  35. customerp

    Very good . Easy to use. But little bit costly.

  36. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product for girls. Get it for yourself and your good hygiene girls.

  37. Priyanka

    Very useful product. Worth purchased. No chance of suffering from UTI after using this.

  38. mithil

    Best product for all women who have travel frequently and have to use public washrooms.

  39. Customer

    Itโ€™s useful but very expensive


    A must thing while travel. Thanks pee buddy maker’s!!!

  41. RachanaDurve

    Very useful ecofriendly

  42. RachanaDurve

    Very useful ecofriendly.

  43. Govindan Kutty

    Very good for travel purposes.

  44. Govindan Kutty

    Very good for travel purposes..

  45. Ajey S.

    Bought it for fellow travellers. Looks good quality and helpful

  46. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  47. Amazon Customer

    Useful product indeed but relatively costlier .

  48. ADK

    It’s a perfect product for travel. Hygienic

  49. Amazon Customer


    Absolute lifesaver when I’m travelling. So convenient, and somehow, so liberating.

  50. Kavith K george


  51. Mrinal

    Very helpful asset for travel….

  52. Hrituparna Deb

    My saviour!!! Best for girls

  53. Hrituparna Deb

    My saviour!!! Best for girls.

  54. Nupur

    Too costly ..but a great solution …it’s been of a great help while traveling

  55. Amazon Customer

    Handy thing for ladies

  56. Girish Arya

    Useful at emergency

  57. AmrutaMandar

    A must in my bag

  58. Smitha Viswanadhan

    As expected

  59. Dr. K. Vijayakumar


  60. Amazon Customer

    Most useful product till date

  61. Dilpreet K.

    Its very useful!!

  62. SC

    A Saviour …

  63. sonam

    Product is good and is very useful.

  64. Amazon Customer

    Awesome for girls ๐Ÿ‘

  65. Abhinandan

    My wife likes it she says it’s Very convenient and hygienic…

  66. Pradeep S.

    It’s a great product, very useful to all women traveling. My wife used it during travel, as she had a fracture in her knee and could not sit

  67. Rachita

    Hats off to the person who came up with such an amazing and necessary product for all women. For those of you who haven’t got these please get it quick

  68. Ruhi gupta

    I have tried ‘PeeBuddy’ and find it very useful especially during travel time.
    It’s funnel shape let a women pee while standing to avoid sitting on dirty seats, can be best used at Trains, Flights, etc.

    It is a very good product for women to use anywhere any place, when-ever you need to use Public toilets, keep this in your handbag. It is very easy to carry, use and dispose off. Moreover, it is hygienic and environment friendly.

    I would suggest, every women / girl must have it in your travel-bag checklist.

  69. kd

    It’s a good product however would have been better if there is an elastic around it so that you don’t have to hold it tightly. Sharp edges could be padded.

  70. Rajat Gupta


  71. Chetan Deshpande

    nice product

  72. BK

    This is a must have for all women. Its very useful and saves the trauma and fear of picking up female UTI’s or other such related infections.
    Easy to use, hassle free, and not messy at all.
    Just difficult to carry as it does not come in a small pouch packing and folding it and using it later is a little tricky.

  73. Vaishali G.

    This is an amazing product. I had to travel through train today and was horrified to know the toilet conditions. A friend advised me to order this product.

    Firstly, awesome delivery. I got it within a day.
    Secondly, very very convenient to use. You don’t have to worry regarding infections. It just solves the problem so easily.

    You might feel uneasy and weird in the first place, but trust me once you use it, things will be super easy for you.

    Awesome work guys.

  74. Siya

    Very thoughtful of whoever invented this. An end to the woes of women travellers given the condition of public toilets in this country. I find it convenient to use in a manner opposite to what’s shown by the brand . Rated 4 stars because of price. Govt should subsidise it.

  75. Vaidhi

    Very good product. Highly useful for travel

  76. Amazon Customer

    I think one of the most innovative product i came across today. Each and every girl should use it and refer it without any embarrassment. Bcauz urine control should not be an option anymore.

  77. Dhaarna Rathore

    Awesome product.. Especially for road trip. Every female should hould have this in there bag. I am repeating my purchase. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  78. Aakansha

    Awesome hygiene products for girls and women. Easy to use and dispose.
    User friendly.
    Cost friendly.
    I will recommend to all.

  79. Amazon Customer

    Amazing product !
    Got it for one of my friends and she liked it
    Women hygiene over women empowerment!
    Good going peebuddy !

  80. Pupun

    It is very much useful during train nd highway journey.. No tension for infections..
    Just love it

  81. Pupun

    It is very much useful during train nd highway journey.. No tension for infections..
    Just love it!!

  82. Jyoti

    I had an abdominal surgery, and couldn’t bend to sit on the commode. Also, i was worried about the 8 hr highway journey to my hometown after the surgery. I bought two packs of pee buddy from their website. After explaining the situation to the owner, he made sure that the parcel reached to me on time. It is a blessing in a green packet! Just one feedback i would like to give is – it could come in individually wrapped envelopes so that one carry 2 or 3 pieces in the handbag.
    CAUTION- practice using it at home first. There is a learning curve. Once you try it a few times at home, you will get the hang of it and then you can use it in public toilets, highway toilets, mall toilets, hiking, camping…etc..

  83. Anuja

    I didnt buy this product online , bought it from a local chemist. But i just couldnt resist sharing it and praising it. Its such a brilliant solution to using public toilets. In pregnancy, I was having issues bending to use the public loos hygienically, so i bought this right away when I cam across it.
    I tried using it once at home as practice cause i was quite concerned about the mess it will make. Its absolutely perfect- no leakage, no spillage and no hassle. Easy to carry around in your handbag while traveling and its disposable too. Better than disposable toilet seat covers which you need to stick on the seats and may get displaced during use.

  84. Komal

    Amazing for public toilets!

  85. Sanskriti Rai

    Really helpful especially while going out in public places.

  86. Kriti

    Can’t imagine using another restroom without it anymore.

  87. STA

    Very practical for women and really solves huge problems when nature call needs use of public restroom

  88. Sasha Nakul

    Very useful and thoughtful. Peebuddy is really a female travellers ‘Buddy’.
    It always has been difficult for women to relieve themselves because of lack of clean toilets in our public places. But Peebuddy saves the day.
    No touching anywhere, no sitting and very easy to dispose in usual sanitary pad disposal.

  89. Jagnoor Maan

    Perfect solution for women in a country where basic necessities like a toilet is a joke.
    Easy to use! Convenient.

  90. Nivedha Narayan

    An extremely convenient product. It’s extremely easy to use and handy. Although I would’ve liked it if they provided bags for disposal in the pack as it’s more hygienic

  91. Nivedha Narayan

    An extremely convenient product. It’s extremely easy to use and handy. Although I would’ve liked it if they provided bags for disposal in the pack as it’s more hygienicc

  92. Amreen

    It is really unhygienic to use public washrooms on travel. This product is just too cool,easy and hygienic and with great fragrance.

  93. Paramita Roy

    the product is essential. My friend’s mom died of an UTI. That’s right, an UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). E coli bacteria traveled from her urinary bladder to her kidneys which eventually shut down leading to septicemia, sepsis and death. My reason for posting this story is to raise awareness on the repercussions of poor urinary hygiene that leads to deadly infections – more so in women than men, due to physiological differences. We should all be aware of preventive measures, especially in using public toilets. As a working person, I have to resort to public restrooms even if I don’t want to (it is equally unhealthy to hold it in).

    I also believe that such hygiene products shouldn’t cost so much as to dissuade users from buying these products. This goes for- toilet paper, toilet seat sanitizers, Portable Female Urinary Devices, tampons, sanitary napkins, toilet seat covers etc

  94. Ashika parekh

    It’s a very useful product . It helps you to carry anywhere in your purse. It helps you to stand and pee.

  95. Aasees

    It’s a must have for all females. The convenience is amazing.

  96. Shubham Kulshrestha

    Useful during tours where generally people leave toilets untidy

  97. Binchi

    It would have been better if the spout was a bit longer.

  98. Amazon Customer

    I have ordered third packet and will stick to it. Bit pricey but very useful concept

  99. ark

    excellent product…… bought it for my wife…. has saved her from loys of disgusting toilets

  100. Mohammed Shoyaib Khazi

    Really innovative product, needs a bit of practice for beginners but really useful.

  101. pooja

    It has become my companion no matter where I go.

  102. Somnath Bandyopadhyay

    My wife loved the product. Recommended it to our daughter as well.

  103. Richa Shetty

    All of us women know what it’s like to travel in India. Buses stop at dhaba which seldom have clean washrooms. The train toilets are no different either. The public toilets can be really filthy and the toilet seats can have pee or period blood on it. This product gives you the freedom to pee standing up without any worry. I love this product! It’s a must have for all women.

  104. Zorrogirl

    What a cool invention by someone who understands what women go through at public loos specially in India! Never have to worry again about dirty toilet seats!

  105. latika

    Amazing Product. Easy to use. It was such a life-saver for me during my recent road trip, where access to clean bathrooms was rare.
    I would recommend every girl to have this product handy in their bags always.

  106. Pooja

    More women in our country should be made aware of the existence of such a product. It’s a lifesaver.

  107. Ms. Varalaxmi Pillai

    It seems a little funny at first, but when you are someone who travels a lot across India and understand the importance of personal hygiene,
    PeeBuddy’s Disposable, Portable Female Urination Device comes across as a saviour! I was told to squat and not to sit on the seat, but why bother performing those stunts, when you can just stand and pee and keep all the germs at a bay too! Easy to use and dispose off, got one of my work colleagues (in her 50’s) to try it too. She usually finds it difficult to sit down and get up because of her knee surgery. While I was researching, I came across the plastic funnels too, but this is so much more better and way more hygienic as you dispose them off immediately.

  108. Jayanta Satpati

    Have ordered from my husband’s account. Initially I was not sure of the product, but after trying it…I can say it is very well made super duper invention for all the women like me who hate to use toilets outside home, with the fear of germs and infections.
    Thumps up to the makers…..very happy……
    I am so relieved……
    I recommend this totally..

  109. Syed Danish Aalam

    good stuff. Wish it were slightly longer in length.

  110. Heena Sayed

    Amazing product for women in today’s time. I regularly have to travel because of which I was looking for such product to help maintain hygiene and easy to use. Its very compact and compatible to carry..Helpful while travelling by roads, flights, Hospitals etc. Go for it girls, Give it a try.. you will definitely like this one. Planning to buy for my Aunt too ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Apc

    Very good for travel. Easy to use. Very good for old ladies who have difficulties in sitting due to arthritis and othr issues. I bought for my aunts also.

  112. Asharma


    It is so easy to use and is very handy. I would totally recommend this for use in public toilets

  113. Shanu

    It’s made of cardboard. Easy to use. Average cost per use is going to b 16 to 20 rs in this pack of 10. Ppl who don’t find it gross can wash it and use it twice i think.

  114. shantanu

    It will be handy in case of emergency. Can’t imagine to define safety and hygiene, given the conditions of public toilets. This would out weigh the disadvantages of them.

  115. Aditya

    Recently bought this product and I should tell you, its a must have for every girl’s hand bag. Convenient to use. No tension of UTI after taking a leak in public washrooms. It gives a bit of relief and liberty while roaming in public areas
    *Reviewing through my husband account

  116. Dr.Bhawna Rajora

    It’s awesome. Try it and feel the comfort in peeing. I have hygiene issues and this habit made me uncomfortable on peeing. Sometimes I had to hold it even for hours. But now just open this, and pee. Best for women who work for long hours, or who have to travel. No more holding in. Go for it.

  117. jati

    The item works as mentioned. Without any leaks or spills. The paper is waterproof and can be used easily following instructions. Can avoid coming in contact with infections caused by messy washrooms

  118. Raman Kumar

    Nice innovative. Help the girls to use public toilets while traveling

  119. Aarushi

    This is a boon to those who cant squat or are suffering from a leg injury. It works well and is totally worth the buy. Thank you so this amazing solution for women.

  120. Aaryan

    i bought this for my wife when she was lregnant and she says it was the best tjing she bought for herself till now. its a must biy if you are a frequent traveler and need to use public toilets more often. best thing for pregnant women.

  121. MN

    Can be more cheaper..

  122. greeshma

    To the Founder- A message from my 56 yr old mom that she is grateful for such a product that enables her to travel carefree in our country where we are yet to provide clean sanitation facitlities for women.!

  123. Shashank Agrawal

    It’s a revolutionary product…. Thanks to the company for providing such a great product

  124. Garima K.

    This product is a blessing.. Specially for those who have to use public bathroom regularly.. I love this product.. And its a must have in my bag.. God bless the person who invented this product.

  125. Saxena

    Wish I would have known about it earlier. Much relief when travelling.

  126. Sunderdeep Singh

    Very innovative product. My wife always carries it along when she travels.

  127. Akanksha R.

    Awesome product every lady traveler should carry it while travelling but if u r wearing salwar suit u will face bit difficult otherwise in jeans or pants it will be fantastic

  128. Amigo

    It’s a very compact pack and the individual pieces are also neatly folded before use. Very useful. Works exactly as mentioned. Great during long travel.

  129. Sapna Sinha

    Easy to use,effective and slim enough to fit into a bag.

  130. Aish

    Very useful for Indian public toilets which are rarely mainted

  131. Anjana Basnet

    what I like about this product is the convenience and the comfort
    My sister recommended me and I bought it. It’s really good.

  132. Chetan

    Very apt product for women travellers on a road trip.

  133. Tejashri

    Nice products to use while traveling in case of dirty public toilet. It’s use n throw

  134. lopamudra p.

    This is really amazing. Great invention by the makers. This adds hygiene & comfort to your road trips and long distance journeys.

  135. amanpreet

    Nice product..I purchased this product frm my mom..

  136. Prerna Maloo

    One of the best products i have ever seen

  137. Prerna Maloo

    One of the best products i have ever seen


    My wife suffering from UTI and this Peebuddy is very useful in avoiding urinary infection at public toilets, toilets in train etc. etc.

  139. Tz

    It works as expected! Go for it..

  140. Ash K

    Works good, serves the purpose!
    It’s a little expensive that’s why 3 stars

  141. Ashok G.

    good and useful

  142. raveena

    Good product

  143. srini

    sooper easy n comfortable to use

  144. kritika

    Must buy for girls.
    Very useful when youโ€™re travelling.

  145. Naina

    Now no tension to use public toilet.

  146. Shriram Rahalkar

    Best product. Needs more publicity

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PeeBuddy โ€“ Disposable, Portable Urination Device for Women

PeeBuddy is an award-winning product which has made it to the list of Limca Book Of Records. It is Indiaโ€™s First Portable, Disposable Urination Device for all women looking forward to saying goodbye to unhygienic public toilets.
Now, you can pee without wiping the dirty toilet seat, or hovering over it & without catching life-long infections like Urinary tract infection.

How To Use PeeBuddy?

  • OPEN: Gently press the top front & back of the PeeBuddy funnel to pop it open.
  • PLACE: After moving your panties aside, place the open end of the funnel between your legs, right under the flow area.
  • PEE: Ensure that the funnel is tilted downwards, tilt the hips, bend a little, relax & pee.
  • THROW: Dispose of in the dustbin.

Ideal for :

Public toilets, airport or flight toilet, railway and metro
Women with a medical condition (Joint pains / Pregnancy / Arthritis etc)
Highways and outdoor

Ladies, say No to Wiping of Seat, squats, and holding it in. Carry your saviour in the pocket.

Additional information


Pack of 10, Pack of 20, Pack of 40, Pack of 80