Peebuddy - Re-usable Urination Device for Women to Stand and Pee


Peebuddy – Re-usable Urination Device for Women to Stand and Pee

(7 customer reviews)


No more wiping of seat
No hovering/half squat
Avoid touch with seat
Funnel shaped
Water resistant
No cringing in loo
Portable & reusable
Easy to use
Alternate for seat
Easy pocket fit

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7 reviews for Peebuddy – Re-usable Urination Device for Women to Stand and Pee

  1. Kirti

    This product is amazing. The shape fits perfectly between the legs. I bought this for my 3 year old daughter because she gets infections from going in public restrooms. She’s past diaper age, so that’s not even an option. She loved the color, shape and peed very easily in it. I had to hold it for her, but I’m pretty sure she’ll learn to hold it herself after watching me a couple times. The only prob I have is the packing. It’s transparent. If it’s an eco packet and translucent, it would be better.

  2. Suchismita

    Science is great..which has made our lives easy and comfortable..keeping side effcts on the other side..I would only highlight the advantages if this product..while travelling we always face this issue..of washrooms..while it is very easy for men but for ladies…no more sitting on dirty toilets…thanks to science and amazon..i love it..i bought for myself and another for my daughter…
    Now coming to the product quality, the material is silicon…and not very hard plastic and also it is not very soft..comfortable material..and easy to clean..A seal packet comes along in the package so that it can be easily kept in our purses..

  3. Shweta

    Hey ladies ., Now no need to hold it anymore. Stand and pee in public toilets or open area like men

  4. Maisa

    This product is a must have for all the women, is easy to use, comfortable and practical. Don’t smell after use, but I always make sure to wash with soap after using. It’s voluble for the price. It’s totally worth it, I’m ordering one more for my mom and one for my sister!

  5. Sumita karmakarroy

    It’s good yet

    it’s too big, inconvenient of cleaning it in public places (which I hvnt anticipated it earlier)
    (Though its mentally physically helping me a lot since m pregnant, now m tension free of germs of public commode)

  6. Active Elderly Thayil

    A gift for my daughter when she’s traveling

  7. Tonishi

    It’s a must have while travelling.
    Although, it should have come with a discreet opaque pouch for storage. Rest all is good.

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Peebuddy – Reusable Portable Urination Funnel For Women

It is a reusable funnel-shaped urination device for women. PeeBuddy is a revolutionary product as it gives women the freedom to stand and pee and avoid direct contact with unhygienic toilet seats. Coming in contact with dirty toilets can be a root cause of several infections including Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Using this device will prevent all such infections and diseases and help you live a healthy infection-free life.

Moreover, it can also be used by pregnant women, women suffering from arthritis or any other women having a medical condition which makes squatting on a toilet seat. With PeeBuddy urination funnel, you can easily stand and pee, and then wash it for further reuse.

It is a quality product by FSD.

How To Use Urination Funnel?

PLACE: After moving your panties aside, place the open end of the funnel between your legs, right under the flow area.

PEE: Ensure that the funnel is tilted downwards, tilt the hips, bend a little, relax & pee.

CLEAN: Clean the funnel with water.

Ideal for:

Women who travel daily

Come in constant contact with public toilets

Pregnant women

Medical conditions such as joint pain, arthritis, low immunity, etc

Highways & outdoor