Sirona Digital Tampon



Sirona Digital Tampon


  • Discreet Smaller Than Traditional Applicators And Highly Absorbent
  • Functionality Expands In Width For A Perfect Fit And Zero Leakage
  • Comfort Smooth And Rounded Applicator Tip For Easy Insertion


Digital Tampon
Tampons are designed to be easily inserted during menstruation & absorb the menstrual flow. They are made up of a compressed layer of highly absorbent fibres.
We offer two categories:
Heavy Flow: It is a high absorbency tampon for women who undergo heavy menstrual flow during their menstrual cycle.
Medium flow: Women having normal menstrual flow can go for this category of a digital tampon.
The advantages of the tampon, when compared to sanitary pads, are huge:
Allows you to swim
Can be worn with any outfit
No fear of getting lost
Easy removal
Spill-proof and odourless

Ensure that you wash your hands properly before the tampon is inserted to avoid infections.
Freedom to Actively Participate.

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Heavy Flow (20 Pcs), Medium Flow (20 Pcs


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