A girl during her periods for the first time experiences a mixed feeling of apprehension, excitement and confusion, due to the physical and emotional changes which she is faced with during her menstruation. Periods not only prepares a woman for the journey of motherhood once she attains her puberty, but this also helps in the detoxification of a female body and affects her longevity accordingly.

Usually, a girl experiences her menstruation for the first time around the age of 12 which continues till approximately 51 years. A woman encounters a host of symptoms which may lead to discomfort or anxiety while she menstruates. The typical symptoms could be in the form of severe pelvic pain, bloating tendencies, cramps in the lower back or legs, mood swings or irritability and a lot of other issues which add to her discomfort during her periods. Periods can be excruciating for some women due to normal reasons or also for some underlying medical reasons which need proper diagnosis and treatment.

Menstrual Hygiene: An Issue of Global Concern

Menstruation is believed to be the most critical phase for a female in her life and care should be taken to ensure that she receives the best of hygiene attention. Till date, menstruation is considered as a taboo and several misconceptions have been associated with this subject ever since the evolution of the human race. Menstruation should not be considered as a monthly nightmare by a female, but she can comfortably continue with the daily routine of her life by following a healthy lifestyle, ensuring proper nutritional intake, using scientific sanitation methods and staying relaxed.

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Till date around 88% women depend upon various shocking alternatives during menstruation such as used rags, husk, leaves or mud, which involve a high risk of contaminating severe infections. With the intervention of the public health and welfare department of government, several initiatives have been taken in the direction of raising awareness about the importance of menstrual care & hygiene and ensuring easy availability of sanitary napkins for those who cannot afford.

Safe & Hygienic Methods of Protection during Periods:

Today, a woman can easily carry forth her professional activities including sports, swimming or office and continue her operations uninterruptedly, even during those particular days of the month by resorting to scientific sanitary protection alternatives like tampons, sanitary napkins or menstrual cups. These options provide greater flexibility, assure complete protection even during the heavy flow days and are safe for using as well. These options have changed the life of a woman to a great extent.

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Tampons are safe, can be easily used and disposed off, ensure maximum cleanliness by eliminating the bad smell and mess that are usually involved in the usage of sanitary napkins. It can be easily carried in the purse or pocket due to its compact form and a woman can confidently indulge in exercising and other strenuous activities without any fear.

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Peebuddy’s applicator tampons and digital tampons are recommended by the best gynaecologists of the country and received widespread acceptance from the female population as well.

My First Tampon Story:

One of the Peebuddy’s customer shares her experience on how she substituted sanitary pads with the Peebuddy’s Applicator tampons. She hated using pads as it felt like using adult diapers and was too messy because of the menstrual fluids especially during the heavy flow days. She had troubles with the frequent washroom visits and the restrictions which she had to face due to the fear of a possible leakage. Once she learnt about Peebuddy’s range of women hygiene products from one of her friends and she was recommended to use Applicator tampons. The first ever experience of an Applicator Tampon was simply awesome…. She loved the product….Tampons provided her the much needed flexibility, she didn’t have to experience the fear of leakage and could confidently carry on with the strenuous activities like swimming, rock climbing, etc during those special days even.

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