• Ideal for conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, arthritis, while travelling or trekking & also for cancer patients who have very low immunity.
  • Easy to use, portable & disposable (for one time use only)
  • Funnel shaped, and laminated with water resistant coating

Peebuddy is a portable female urination device that makes urinating at public places easier for girls. Now, you can pee without wiping the dirty toilet seat, without hovering over it & even without catching life-long infections like Urinary tract infection. Now, don’t bother about the dirty toilet or hold your pee! Carry your saviour in the pocket.

  • Say no to wiping the toilet seat: Ladies sometimes wipe the filthy seats for the sake of using it, which consequently brings them in direct touch with the seat & therefore germs.
  • Say no to hovering/ semi-squats: It is not a good position for your pelvic muscles. Study has shown that the bladder becomes weak over a period of time.
  • Say no to holding pee: It could be a cause of kidney stones & promotes the growth of infection in the uterus.


Women say they don’t use dirty toilets. They hold their pee until they don’t find a clean washroom.

1 out of 2

Women has some or the other UTI related issues.

1 Million +

Active germs per square inch on public washroom toilets & 40,000 active germs on toilet handle. Now, avoid all of them all by not getting in direct touch.

Peebuddy Awareness Campaigns

Some of the videos of women who were brave enough to speak up about their problems they were facing & how Peebuddy changed their lives forever.

Ideal For

Public Toilet

Airport/Flight Toilet

Highways & Outdoors

Railways & Metro

Pregnant Women

Women With Arthritis





Most frequent questions and answers

PeeBuddy is India’s first portable, disposable urination device for all women looking forward to saying goodbye to unhygienic public toilets.

Whenever you are out of your home, the idea of using a public toilet can be scary. Many women opt to hold the pee in. This can lead to a variety of health issues such as bladder problems, kidney diseases and more.

Other women often use tissue papers to cover the toilet seat so that they can avoid contact with it. then, there is another category of women who do semi-squats to avoid any contact.

To solve this issue, we came up with PeeBuddy which is an award-winning product and has made it to the list of Limca Book Of Records.

Now, you can pee without wiping the dirty toilet seat, or hovering over it and without catching life-long infections like Urinary tract infection.

Any and every woman can use the product.

If you are a woman who has to go out daily for a job or education and do not feel satisfied with the quality of toilets which are often unhygienic, this is the product for you. Using this product, you can avoid contact with dirty toilet seats and pee freely without any worry of contracting infections.

Peeing during pregnancy can be a difficult task. Thus, this product is also ideal for pregnant ladies to ensure they pee comfortably.

Apart from this, any women suffering from a medical condition, say Arthritis or joint pain, etc can also opt for this product.

If you are travelling often, you can slide a packet of PeeBuddy in your purse or sling bag and be assured of not using a dirty toilet seat for rest of the day.

  1. To open it, press gently the top front & back of the PeeBuddy funnel. Once you do that, it will pop open itself.
  2. Move your panties aside. Put the open end of the urination device, that is the funnel, between your legs right under the flow area.
  3. While you pee, make sure that the funnel is tilted downwards. Relax & pee. You’ve successfully avoided an unhygienic toilet seat.
  4. Lastly, dispose of in the dustbin.

Mission Accomplished!


  • It gives you the freedom to stand and pee
  • No more cringing because of dirty toilet seats
  • No more inconvenience in peeing for pregnant ladies
  • Individual use and throw funnels
  • Can be carried easily
  • A waterproof coated paper used
  • No spills whatsoever
  • Comes with easy to use instructions
  • No fear of contracting infections