They say change is the only constant in a person’s life. And if that person is a woman, you can add periods to that list. Well, at least till we turn 50 and start experiencing menopause. Anyway, periods are a reality, and they come every month. Period cramps usually accompany periods. I am sure all of you must have experienced it. And those who haven’t, well, frankly, I envy you!

I experience the worst cramps on the first day of my cycle. I believe that the reason I get so irritated, when I am menstruating is because of these painful cramps. The second and third day are relatively more comfortable, but the first day, at least for me, is a nightmare.

 While periods are a reality, the discomfort need not be! As not a lot of things can be done to control your periods (at-least you should not try it without consulting a gynaecologist), you definitely can get rid of those annoying period pain. Interesting, right?

Period pain, as I have already mentioned, differs from woman to woman. While some lucky souls barely experience it, others have said that the pain is similar to that of a heart attack. And then many women lie in between- women like me, who experience the pain, but it is not as bad as that of a heart attack- Thank God!


For women who experience this bothersome pain, ‘Sirona’ has the perfect solution for you. Sirona Instant Period Cramps Relief- Period Pain Relief Patches with 100% herbal ingredients is here to help relieve you of your period pain. This product, as the name mentions, uses herbal ingredients, hence is devoid of any side-effects. And what’s more! Sirona’s effects are long-lasting! It gives you relief for up to twelve hours! Twelve pain-free hours!! It means that you would be able to carry on with your day just like any other day even when you are menstruating! Thank God for small mercies!

The Sirona patch contains methanol, which helps to dilate the blood vessels and boost blood circulation. It has components of eucalyptus oil that are supposed to improve muscle mobility. All you need to do is apply the patch on the area experiencing the pain and leave it on. The patches are discreet and provide long-lasting relief, making it an ideal companion for your office and travelling.

One packet comes with five patches, and each patch is use-and-throw. Since the effects are quite long-lasting, five patches for one period cycle would be sufficient.

The best part about Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patches is that they are made using only herbal ingredients. So you can stop worrying about any harmful effects. This means that you can now stop popping pills or search for other not-so-safe treatments for period pain. Sirona is here to take care of you during your most painful days.

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