I remember vividly in school I had a lesson on Einstein. He used the same soap for washing and shaving. Why because he did not want to complicate his life. Isn’t this scene quite the oppositeof what we do now? We have innumerable options in soaps for washing; for hairshampoo, for bodysoap or shower gel, for washing clothes a different soap, for shaving gel or a foam-based cream, etc. etc. The list is unending.

Thanks to the manufacturers they have given us many options. Do you think everyone one uses all these products? I don’t think. There are many people who stick to one soap one brand the entire life.

It is fine when you use the same soap for face and hair it won’t matter much. But if we use the samesoap to wash our private parts what will be the effects? Especially ladies have you given it a thought? What is your say on this?

If you are confused and are seeking guidance on this matter, let us give you some suggestions.

Your vagina is a complete system in itself. It is designed in such a way that the natural discharge/secretions have the power to keep the vagina clean and healthy.This discharge gets lighter or heavier depending on the stage of the menstrual cycle. So you must have understood that you need not use any external things like soaps or sirona intimate wet wipes to clean it.

If you use soap with a good smell or color to wash your vagina, then it will definitely lead to pH imbalance of that area due to the high growth of bad bacteria. It is hence advised to use a mild soap or plain water.During your period it is advised to wash your vagina once a day using a normal bathing routine. However, many women are different. Even if they wash their V with a strong smell soap, they don’t face any issues.

But if a woman has vulval irritation she should first do is use non-allergenic, plain soap.

Many women use douche to flush water into the vagina and clean its secretion. This act also creates an imbalance in the population of vaginal bacteria and leads to infection.

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All’s said and done; it is best advised to let your vagina be. It can take care of itself without your assistance. It is not pricey as you are. It just needs plain water to clean itself.

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