Periods are annoying and literally a cup of monthly pain stirring cramps and mood swings at the fullest. Imagine if period was a person. How annoyingly it would torture you visiting again and again and again!? Things that would happen if PERIOD was a PERSON!

  1. I’m coming! I’m coming! *ATITI GHAR MAT AAO*
    Mr. Period is like an uninvited guest invading one’s privacy. Well, yes, ‘Dear period, you are not invited.’ After every 28 days, when expected, it never shows up but when we least expect it to arrive, there it is! Mr. Unwanted!
    To Mr. Period- You have one job! Just do it properly. Don’t give us panic attacks or spontaneous visits for Christ’s sake!
  • No, I don’t want to have a THREESOME!
    Can you also relate to the times, when we are cuddling and romancing with our love interest and suddenly there it is, knocking on the door, screaming out with abdomen pain, and boom there it is! Uh? How many times do I need to remind you Mr. Period? Stop grossing me out. I do not want to have a threesome! But it ain’t going to listen ever.


  • PERIOD, the Ghost rider (when it does not arrive on time and is late).
    This is that time of the month when you eagerly wish the period to knock at your door. Every news out from that vagina is fake news! You want to go at a vacation, or a pool party, or some event, well it won’t greet you! Nah! (damn! it is annoying). Especially when you just made love without protection and your period refuses to come on time but annoyingly LATE! Well, duh? Mr. PERIOD, can you stop scaring me and let me enjoy my life for once!
    Mr. Period, is actually the ghost rider, when it leads to delay in its arrival. I repeat, “You have one job! Please do it properly.”
  • Screw this! Screw that! (welcoming the mood swings) *THE SADIST*
    The news of it coming gives us a warning, we call PMS! The pre-menstrual syndrome! Oh well! Trust me it ain’t easy to handle something that is still not there, yet we are pissed off all the time. Hell yes! The mood swings! Screw this to Screw that, we women are just on fire. And especially if you are on your diet, oh no, this will make you crave for all the sweets you have ever been dreaming of and the urge gets higher and higher each time. Mr. Period, you are like a sadist torturing women officially every month.

Well, this was period as a person, who every month knocks your door at different timings. Sometimes, you might be sleeping, sometimes making love, or sometimes even in an important meeting. No, Mr. Period is a heartless creature, it shows no mercy! So to deal with this sadist, we have got weapons! Tampons, Pain Relief patches, menstrual cups and much more on Sirona!

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