So it’s that time of the month again and one more plan with your friends or family bites the dust. It is bad enough to experience a week long bloodbath in your nether areas every month; to deal with the excruciating pains of cramps can make it worse. A tiresome experience on a whole.  Period cramps are biggest mood killers next to periods itself. Cancelling plans due to cramps is not only upsetting for others but also for us since no one likes to back out on a trip or a night out they had been planning for since days.

Though periods are unfortunately here to stay but we can find ways to ward of the nasty cramps. Here are five ways to deal with them.

Heating Pad

If your cramps are not the monstrous kinds and a little warmth can help soothe them, then heating pads are your best option. During periods, the nerves in the lower abdomen swell up and muscles become taut. Applying the heating pad on the lower abdomen helps relax the muscles and ease up the pain considerably.

Pain Relief Patch

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If you are one of those go getters who barely have time to kill and are always on the run, then the heating pad is not an option as it requires a certain amount of relaxation and lying down. Instead you can opt for Sirona’s pain relief patch which once applied on the body can relax the muscles and provide a considerable relief. You can apply up to two patches per day. 100% organic, these patches are safe to use on the body and make life so much simpler!

Stretch It Up

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Although stretching is the last thing you want to hear during periods, but it is one of the best and not to mention, the healthiest way to reduce cramps. Stretching a little eases up the taut muscles and also releases endorphin which helps ease the pain considerably.

Eat Easy

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It is important during this time to feed yourself well. While chocolates and all things that spell “comfort food” top your list, a healthy intake of vitamin B1 and magnesium are crucial to ease the pain. While you eat clean, being clean is just as crucial since any bad odour along with already existing pain can only add to the irritable mood. Use Sirona’s intimate wipes to ward off the bad odour during periods.

Tampons For Rash Free Periods

Sirona India

Using pads makes the skin prone to rashes due to its wings and the excessive sweat that forms between the thighs. Rashes only add to the already existing pain of the cramps. In order to save you the unnecessary rashes, use Sirona’s Premium Applicator Tampons. Easy to use, fit to size and convenient to dispose, these are a boon for the painful days. Not to mention extremely hygienic.

While everyone has their own take on how to deal with the period cramps and there are no set rules to it. These are few of the convenient and tried and tested ways to survive those days.

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