Many women have no idea how important it is to maintain our intimate hygiene. They feel ashamed in discussing the most important question related to our hygiene. How often should we clean our vagina to prevent any infections? The answer is daily. Women do not realize that the key to a healthy body lies in regularly cleaning your intimate area. Only bathing and cleaning your intimate area regularly is not enough; we must make sure to develop healthy eating habits and make sure to keep a tab on your menstrual cycle. Here I would like to discuss with you how to properly clean our intimate areas.

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Loose fitting clothes and undergarments- It is essential for us to wear cotton underwear to give our vagina proper space to breathe. Tight underwear or synthetic fibers do not leave enough room for air circulation and thus cause infection or increase odor. Avoid wearing yoga pants for an extended period and opt for something loose fitted.

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Hygiene during menstruation- It’s that time of the month, and we can’t help but feel lazy and tired. We’re in so much pain and even lifting up your finger seems like too much of work. But this is when we need to maintain our hygiene the most. Take a warm bath to dull the pain and make sure to clean your intimates. Change your pad every 4-5 hours to avoid any infection. When we wear the same pad for an extended period, it tends to increase bacterial infection because scented pads contain chemicals.

Remove wet clothes as soon as possible- Wet or damp clothes multiply the risk of bacterial infection. Therefore it is necessary to take off your wet clothing after you have gone swimming or are drenched in the rain. Take a shower and change into fresh and dry clothing.

Cleaning vaginal area daily- While taking a bath, make sure to clean your intimate parts with mild soap and warm water. Avoid using scented soaps that have harsh chemicals in them. Do not lather up the soap and rinse properly to ensure no residual soap is left which can lead to moisture build-up.

Intimate wipes– Use wipes specifically made for intimate areas when you can’t take a bath. Sirona intimate wipes are perfect for the occasion. They make sure that you are left feeling clean and fresh even when you haven’t bathed.

Sirona India

Before and after intercourse- Bodily fluids and the residue on condoms can lead to an infection in the urinary tract hence it is essential to wash your intimate parts after you engage in sexual intercourse.

Balanced diet- Make sure to follow a diet rich in nutrition such as fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy.

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