Ever since Adam and Eve came into existence, men have tried to understand how a woman’s mind works, mainly because it would help them avoid so many unnecessary arguments. Well, here’s a tip for you. Imagine a web browser with a 1,000 tabs open. Not just for an hour or so, but 24*7. And, every single time, none of the tabs are open for her own interests. Her world revolves around her parents, siblings, husband, kids, friends, even her foe, and every other atom in the universe but not her own self. To top it all, since time immemorial, women have been a target of certain stereotypes before accepting their natural body functions as normal. In India, women on their periods are believed to be impure and are not allowed to enter holy places or even the kitchen area. It is high time they become the knight in shining armour for themselves, take self-care a notch higher and set an example for other women.

To help women take healthier steps, PeeBuddy has taken a step of its own towards celebrating freedom for women. It has introduced a range of products to make sure that most of the problems in a woman’s life are taken care of, starting with being able to pee in a public restroom without fearing any horrific sight that might unfold.

Moving on to the next crucial problem, their period. Modern day women who have various roles to play are keen on micromanaging things for which they have to go through a lot of trouble. These troubles, when not handled with proper precautions, may affect their health adversely. For instance, using dirty toilets that is very common in every woman’s life can cause severe diseases. Such problems may seem trivial to women who are not aware of their long term damage.

All these problems have been minutely looked into by the creators of PeeBuddy with the approval of medical experts. PeeBuddy has given women the safest possible solutions, all of which are packed into a handy kit available on https://peebuddy.in/. Their product range includes menstrual cups, tampons, intimate wipes and washes, disposal bags, herbal cramp relief patches. All these products are travel friendly. Other than these, the most important is the portable peeing device for travellers. Peebuddy holds a place for the women who have to commute daily for some thing or the other. Such problems may seem trivial to women who are not aware of their long term damage.

With campaigns like Swacchh Bharat, which has had a widespread impact on the Indians when it comes to keeping the environment clean, but there is a lot to do when it comes to women’s hygiene. The campaigns that educate people regarding women’s health should also be taken up so that women have access to cleaner and safer toilets. In rural India, when toilets were uncommon, women had to go to the fields to relieve themselves. This practice of defecation in the open causes a lot of social and health issues. This practice is really detrimental, especially for menstruating women.

The situation has been brought under control to a certain extent by the construction of toilets especially keeping sanitation in mind but women hygiene hasn’t been given much priority, and there is work that still needs to be done. Firstly, women need to be educated about their bodies and related health issues.

Women have been continuously ushered inside whenever the “society “ thinks of her as unwanted to the extent that they have become unsure even when it comes to talking about their problems. The acceptance of their individuality can be achieved by teaching both men and women so that men contribute to healthier living for their female family members. Spreading awareness and teaching women simple daily routines like using intimate hygiene products will help build a better future for them. Women are equal members of the society and they must demand necessary and essential hygiene to lead a healthy life. Since women are considered the shapers of the family, it will help build healthier families and ultimately, a fit nation away from filthy living.

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