I have been a sports enthusiast for almost six years now. I still remember the first time I stepped onto the volleyball court and represented my school at the state level. Later, I joined the basketball team to represent my school at the national level. My love for sports has always been a means through which I could discover another side to my personality.

My day usually started with ten rounds of the court, followed by warm-up exercises for half an hour, and a practice match. Back in those days, joining the school team was all that a sportsperson could aim for because it meant a ticket to attend fewer classes, spending more time on the field, and having lots of fun. Everything was going well with my plan, and then I got my first period.

Earlier, the only pain that came along with it was a mere sprain and some muscle cramps but with the onset of puberty and the gift of womanhood came period cramps. Soon enough, I began dreading my cycle and would refrain from even moving my body an inch because all I could feel was excruciating pain. I loathed myself for those five days of the month and getting out of the bed was a nightmare. I merely began cutting down on physical exercise and entirely abandoned sports. I always had my parents running about as I lay in bed acting like a martyr as a bit to keep the human race alive. I remember being surrounded by chocolates, comforters, and hot water bottles.

Then along came my sister, bearing the same interest in sports and physical activities. She was all vibrant and active and continued to be a part of her school basketball team, aiming for the medals. Our parents have always stood by us, watched us take decisions, and have never questioned our involvement with such rigorous physical activities. As she entered the martyr zone, I could see a younger version of my past self. Soon, I realized that she too had begun cutting her ties with sports. She even skipped her school due to menstrual cramps. My all-time-vibrant little sister now, subdued and confined herself to the boundaries of her room on her special days. She was too moody to explain that her cramps had gotten the better of her. Being the elder one, I realized my responsibility and decided to come to her rescue.

I went online, searched the omnipotent Google baba to help my sister reconnect to sports. A little research here and there and I came across Sirona’s Feminine Relief Patches. Upon conducting further research, I realized they are the best thing to relieve pain that a woman can hope for. These relief patches are a concoction of menthol and eucalyptus, which in no way, are harmful.  These are easy to carry and offer relief for up to twelve hours. It is undoubtedly the best replacement for painkillers and sprays and gives women the freedom to take on periods like a pro.

I quickly ordered a set of Sirona’s Feminine Relief Patches and a Sirona’s Period Care Kit from Amazon which included relief patches, disposal bags, refreshing intimate wipes, and PeeBuddy’s disposable and portable female urination device for women. The cramp relief patches proved helpful even when we were travelling. Since a hot water bottle requires a lot of effort before we can use it and it also takes some time to show benefits. Also, while travelling, carrying a hot water bottle isn’t practical at all. So, we switched to Sirona’s Period Care Kit and ensured carrying it along with us on all our trips. These Feminine Relief Patches begin their work in no time and the pain subsides for almost the entire day. After trying out the product for the first time, I bought each of these products again, and resumed going to the gym regularly as the “cramps” excuse no longer held true. Now, there is no stopping us from taking up any task on our special days and each day is as sunny as ever.

We also told all the ladies around us about Sirona’s Feminine Relief Patches because all of us should know how to take on periods like a pro. After all, women deserve a special and soothing treatment when we are menstruating. These relief patches are a must-have for all the women out there. A remedy that is natural, portable, durable and discreet!

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