We all go through that phase where as soon as our periods start, we stop being active and become a couch potato. All we want to do is lay in our beds without moving around much, afraid that our pads might leak. Even during the night, we sleep in attention position, rolling around in languid and swift motion to prevent leakage. But why stress over some leaking pad when today we have so many other options at our disposal to explore.


From ‘Padman’ to ‘Period – End of Sentence,’ Bollywood has inspired us to feel free to explore this natural process without any shame or hesitation. If they can talk about this natural process so freely, why can’t we? It’s time that we ditch the age-old pad formula and switch over to other ways to bring a change and make periods more comfortable. From panty liners, menstrual cups to tampons, there are various options available.


Applicator Tampons

As the name suggests, applicator tampons are the ones that come with an applicator. With either a cardboard or plastic mechanism that slides out, the tampons find their way and fit into the place, making it the perfect choice for beginners. Sirona’s premium applicator tampons come with eight grooves along its length that regulates its expansion and enhances its absorption and reliability. So ladies, if you’re a beginner, searching for the perfect choice, then this is the one.

Non-Applicator Tampons or Digital Tampons

Non-Applicator tampons are almost the same as applicator tampons with the only difference being that they are a little shorter, the tip is a little wider and obviously without an applicator. How to put it then without the applicator? All you need to do is insert them inside your vagina with a clean finger and bam you’re good to go. However, non-applicator tampons can be a bit hard to get it right, but with a little bit of practice, you won’t feel them there at all. Sirona’s digital tampons are designed to functionally expand in width in a way that it gives a perfect fit with zero leakage. Its tip is smooth and rounded for easy insertion.


Apart from the types, the size of tampons also matters (yes, size does matter. In this case at least). The size of the tampons depends on the amount of flow you have during your periods. You need to choose the right one to feel comfortable while you do your daily chores. How to determine the right size? Well, you can start by using the regular absorbency tampons at the beginning of your period. If during the mid of your period you feel that your tampons are required to be changed too often, it’s time to shift to the heavy absorbency ones. If the tampons feel dry or get stuck, that means you need to turn towards a smaller tampon. No matter what the flow type is or whether you’re a beginner or a pro user, Sirona has the perfect tampon for you. So let’s get up and start celebrating our period!

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