The issue of menstrual hygiene and care is now an issue of global concern as per the recent reports of the UN. In a developing nation like India, menstruation is considered as a taboo and a lot of females hesitate discussing on the issues related with menstruation. Survey results reveal shocking statistics about the menstrual hygiene practices followed by Indian females. According to the reports, only 12% of Indian women use sanitary napkins during menstruation, while the remaining 88% resort to shocking alternatives. Many underprivileged and unaware women till date succumb to death due to serious infections in the urinary tract or other major health related complications.

Since time immemorial several myths about the periods continue to circulate. The aim of this article is to dispel the common myths that are associated with periods:

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  1. Avoid washing your hair or taking a bath during your periods: Remaining clean during periods by washing your hair or taking a bath is quite important. A relaxing warm bath can help a lot in relieving menstrual pain and keep you in a healthy frame of mind both physically and mentally.
  2. Swimming should be avoided during menstruation: Today, swimming during periods is considered absolutely normal in the era of tampons and menstrual cups. Women having periods can confidently perform their day to day activities and pursue their hobbies like swimming, adventure sports activities or travel places during those special days by using tampons and a gamut of safe and hygienic female intimate care products. The unique range of applicator tampons and digital tampons of Peebuddy, LIMCA Book Record holder and a specialist in Female Hygiene products is recommended by the best of the gynaecologists across the country.

  1. Any strenuous activity or exercise should be avoided during periods: During earlier days, women having periods were recommended to take rest and asked to avoid any kind of indulgence in strenuous activities or physical exercise. They were even restricted from socializing and were compelled to stay in confinement. But, with the changing time and growing level of health consciousness, this age old myth has been under a debate. Women consider exercising as an important routine of their daily life schedule whether they are menstruating or not. Exercising helps in relieving the menstrual cramps as it rejuvenates the body and increases the oxygen supply to the muscles. Peebuddy’s array of female hygiene products like intimate wet wipes, multi-use wet wipes, herbal pain relief patches and a lot more have received wide acceptance in the market for their unique benefits and promising outcomes.
  2. Having Sex during periods is unhealthy and unsafe: A woman can very well have sex if she is comfortable during her periods. This is perfectly normal if it’s undertaken with proper precautions and care. In fact, studies have proven that sex can help in relieving menstrual cramps and contributes to the mental wellness during those special days of a woman.
  3. You cannot get pregnant from having sex during your periods: This is a myth and it is very much possible that a woman can conceive if she has sex during her periods.

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