When you find out you’re pregnant, most of us find ourselves thinking about the next step we need to take. Before you rush out to announce to the world your good news, then off to buy a cot, and then decide the color of the walls in the baby’s room, the name of your yet to be born baby, you’ll need to figure out a lot of other things. After all, you wouldn’t want to come up with a name for a boy and then find out that you’re having a girl. And with so many books and videos that guide new parents through each step, we find most of the answers to our queries online, but none of this compares to the feeling of holding your newborn for the first time.

As soon as a newborn comes along, every mother starts getting tensed about what to buy for the baby and what is best for them. Then begins the real test – finding the right cot, the right diaper, the right shampoo and soap, and the right everything else. But buying diaper is not that easy as it looks. Usually, parents get worked up on what diaper to buy. See, you have two options – disposable diapers or cloth diapers, and what to choose is ultimately your call.
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Here are ten things you need to look for before buying a diaper for the baby:
1. WORKABILITY: Parents should check to see if their infant tends to pee a lot and if the answer is yes, they need to invest in durable diapers. Also, if the parents don’t get enough time to wash the cloth diapers, they can go for the disposable ones.

2. SIZE OF THE DIAPER: Before buying the diapers, the size should, of course, be kept in mind. You wouldn’t want the diapers leaking from the side if the size is too big or the chances of a rash being formed on their skin if the size is too small. To make sure this does not happen, don’t buy diapers without actually checking if the baby has outgrown them.

3. PRICE: Safety and comfort are of course important, but the price should also be kept in mind. Making the child wear a diaper and getting them used to it is not cost-friendly. Parents should keep aside a fixed amount to be spent on the purchase of diapers alone.

4. REACTION OF THE BABY TOWARDS THE DIAPER: A newborn’s skin is sensitive, and diapers that don’t suit their skin can cause rashes and skin allergies. The parents should check to see if there is any sudden abnormality on their skin like bumps, rashes, etc. If yes, they should immediately consult a doctor and change to the recommended diaper brand.

5. AGE OF THE CHILD: The age of the child matters a lot. Nobody wears the same underwear as they grow up. As the child grows up, the diapers should be carefully checked, and then only the purchase should be made.

6. SCENTED/UNSCENTED DIAPERS: Who likes it if guests are there in the house, and the house is filled with the awful smell of poop? Scented diapers seem to be amazing, provided the baby is not allergic to it. Every brand’s diaper smell different, but as long as the diapers are fulfilling the primary cause, the rest is secondary.
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7. ABSORBING POWER: One of the primary reasons to use a diaper to avoid wetness which should not be felt by the baby. You wouldn’t want your baby to wake up in the middle of the night due to a leaking diaper. The diaper should absorb the liquid and keep the baby skin free of rashes and skin allergies.

8. EASILY STRETCHABLE: A good diaper should be able to adjust according to the baby’s comfort comfortably. It is also soft, in case you want them to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

9. ECO-FRIENDLY DIAPERS: Some parents are conscious about the environment while purchasing the diapers. It is costlier than regular diapers. If you are looking into sustainable products, such diapers are worth a try.

10. INTERVALS OF PEEING: You should notice how often the baby pees or poops and then according to this, estimate the number of diapers you need to buy. It also helps in budgeting on how much to invest in diapers.

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