While experiencing PMS or premenstrual syndrome, a woman suffers a host of symptoms days or even weeks before their menstruation. These symptoms vary from woman to woman, which may be in the form of water retention, nausea, migraine or headaches, tenderness of breast or sensitivity, depression or mood swings, nervousness, fatigue, feeling bloated, etc.

Aromatherapy provides best results in the treatment and healing of PMS related symptoms. The natural therapy can be used to ease and reduce the suffering of a woman from the PMS symptoms by using essential oils having heavenly fragrances. Essentials oils are the concentrated gels or liquids which are extracted from leaves, flowers, barks, roots and fruits of aromatic plants. Different kinds of oils are used for treating various emotional and physical conditions.

Aromatherapy is an ideal treatment for restoring a sense of emotional and physical well-being by following specific natural and soothing remedies. The procedure can be started two weeks before a woman begins experiencing her PMS symptoms. The therapy is safe as long as essential oils which are extracted from natural sources are used. Clary sage can be the best remedy for dealing with depression or mood swings, while essentials oils such as jasmine, rose and neroli though expensive but their beautiful fragrances can be most effective in treating symptoms like irritability and moodiness. Apart from this, oils made out of grapefruit, juniper berry and patchouli can be used for healing the bloating tendency and discomforts due to swollen breasts. Birch can be used as a natural pain reliever whereas, for curing headache which is quite common during PMS, fragrances of lavender and marjoram can be inhaled.

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By taking time out for a warm and aromatic bath or getting a soothing massage with the fragrant oils, women can immensely benefit from the PMS related discomforts.

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Aromatic Bath as a Remedy for Treating PMS symptoms:

The aromatic bath can be taken on a daily basis till the onset of periods. Massaging has the therapeutic effects women during their menses and helps in relieving pain and discomforts.

The essential oils which are used in an aromatic bath are rose otto, clary sage, lavender & jasmine essential oil and grapefruit oil. Just a few drops of it can be added to the soothing effect and best results.

Use of Aromatic Essential Oils Massaging Therapy:

Aromatic massaging helps in reversing the adverse effects of PMS and comforts the symptoms of uneasiness, depression, irritability and the pain associated with PMS naturally. Aromatic essential oils and petrissage method of massaging can be used before and during periods. The key ingredients which can be used for aromatic massaging are few drops of base oil either apricot kernel oil ( for the dry skin), almond oil and grape seed oil ( effective for the oily skin), geranium essential oil, rosewood, cypress, grapefruit, clary sage and mandarin. All the ingredients are supposed to be bottled in an amber glass bottle for preserving the volatile oils from light. While massaging, a small quantity of the oil solution can be taken in the palm and thoroughly mixed before gently applying it to the body.

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