Making love is a beautiful experience. It tends to foster the connection between two people. A serious intimate thing can deepen the relationship too! If you’re having it for the first time, then get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions and a few changes in the body.


“So, we were dating for three months now and decided to take it to another affectionate level. It was a Saturday night, and I decided to give my boyfriend a pleasant surprise by decorating his room with candles and roses all over, which of course made him happier than ever! After a candle-light dinner, we had some quality time to ourselves. It was an enthusiastic fun and love-making thing from both the ends. But, the concept of losing your virginity often comes along with a lot of jitters and anxiety.” – says Mallika, 19

As Mallika told her story, there are millions of women out there who can relate with her and face such same issues. The most apparent feeling is that you’re equally excited and a bit terrified. You’ve done a lot of research and maybe, have gotten advice from your ‘experienced’ friends too before getting some action. It’s human nature to feel a bit nervous before experiencing something big or for the first time in your life. 


Once, you’re done with the deed, and you don’t get your periods for the succeeding month often raises a lot of worries in the head. Let’s hear it from our mates!

“It was my first time with him and my periods didn’t occur on the usual dates. I did research a lot, and it caused a sense of tension in my mind,” says Poorvi, 21

“I had a strange experience after having it for the first time. I felt like I was pregnant because my menstruation cycle didn’t catch up for the next two months,” says Chithra, 23

A missed period is the first sign of pregnancy! Followed by this, I felt like I’ve gained weight which freaked me out. I was so frightened that I went to a gynae,” says Simran, 20

The stressful time is around the corner, and it often creates a panic situation. Most of the women will second to this with us. Women usually get worried about waiting for their periods which results in the delay of their menstruation cycle. Your body does undergo a lot of changes after getting your cherry popped.


Did you know your sleeping diet counts too? If you’re not getting proper sleep or adequate sleep, it might also affect in delaying your periods! To prevent such stressful scenarios, always use a condom or any other form of protection!


Remember to take precaution and ensure that you and your partner both have fun. Sex is something which should be enjoyed together and is not something that you freak out about afterwards!

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