Sirona is a startup based in Delhi with an aim to identify and solve those intimate & menstrual hygiene related challenges for women which are not adequately addressed. We look forward to addressing these women-centric issues with help of our category-defining products.

Some of the issues we have solved are:

1. Lack of Friendly Toilets:

When women come across unhygienic public toilets, they often have to wipe the seat or cover it with toilet paper or hover above it.

We introduced PeeBuddy – India’s First Female Urination Device using which women can stand & pee. We also have a design patent for it and have sold over 1 million units.

It is recommended by the best of the doctors for use during pregnancy/arthritis.

2. Lack of Period Pain Management for Working Women And Young Girls

We introduced Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patches – India’s first Herbal period pain relief patches. So far, we have sold over 100,000 units.

Say bye to the hot water bottle and sleepless nights.

3. Lack of Options During Menstruation

The Indian market is mostly limited to sanitary pads. We introduced Sirona Tampons & Menstrual cups. Today, these are the best sellers on Amazon.

4. No Option for Cleaning Intimate Areas / Lactation Marks/ Sweat patches on the go

We introduced Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes, Sirona Maternity Breast pads, Sirona Underarm Sweat pads to ensure there are no stain marks and hygiene is maintained.

5.The Problem of Chafing or Pad Related Rashes

We introduced Sirona Anti-Chafing Rash Cream – India’s first no chemical active based cream & Intimate wash having real exotic oils and herbs as its ingredients with no chemical actives, paraben or sulphates.

Our journey has been covered by best of the media including Forbes, Fortune, ET, CNBC, Hindustan Times etc and we have also won multiple awards for our efforts to solve day-to-day hygiene issues of women.