Menstruation is considered a taboo in many parts of the world even today. It is looked upon as something awkward and shameful, because of which, most women have become habitual to live that time of the month in sheer solace, keeping their pain and symptoms secret. Since women shy away from talking or discussing about menstruation even among their own peer group, personal hygiene for those special days never comes up as a discussion and is often neglected for a habit of ignorance. However, as a woman, you should know that lack of hygiene during those days can cause severe repercussions. Here we are, to tell you some of the basic menstrual hygiene measures that you can observe, for your own good:

  1. Change often: Many women ignore this necessary precaution and measure of hygiene for reasons unknown. The warm and moist environment that various organisms get, once your pad or tampon becomes damp, is the perfect place for them to multiply and cause various infections and rashes.

  1. Keeping vaginal area clean: Your regular cleaning routine might become cumbersome during period time but this does not imply that you should ignore it altogether. To avoid bad odour and accumulation of stale blood, it is necessary to wash the vaginal area or use a toilet paper to clean.
  2. Use the right washing products: While washing your vaginal area is important, always ensure that you do so, only with warm water sans and soap. The vagina is designed to perform self cleaning mechanism, which takes care of it. Also, the motion of using water should always be such that the water moves from your vagina to the anus, and never the opposite way. You don’t want to bring back the bacteria to your vagina.
  3. Avoid pad rashes: Very often, when you have a heavy bleed, your pad can cause chaffing around your thighs. This can cause a lot of irritation, which must be avoided by staying dry during this time and changing pads regularly. Applying an antiseptic can also help.
  4. Choose one method of sanitation: While it seems a good idea to use a combination of a pad and tampon, or to use two pads at a time, it is really bad for your health. As both methods absorb some measure of blood, you don’t realise and change them within the stipulated time gap, which further escalates the issue of rashes and infections. Tampons are even more hazardous when it comes to this matter as they can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

  1. Use fresh and separate underwear: You must use a different set of underwear during your period days, which must be changed at least once during the day or at bath. Disposable ones are also an option.

You can stay fresh and have a healthy period, without causing any damage to your body if you take care of a few precautions at this time, without fail!

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