Woman hood comes with a great deal of changes and developments and while it can be hard to keep understanding them, a woman needs to pay close attention to the needs of her body. A deficiency or lack of attention at any point of time can later become the cause of health problems in the body. It is true that a woman’s body has special nutritional needs as compared to men. Since the life processes that sustain a woman are different than those in men, it is imperative to include nutritional goodness in the lifestyle that suits her needs. Read on to find out why every woman needs a properly curated nutritional diet during her reproductive years:

1. Proper functioning and growth:

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In order for the body of a woman to function at its intended pace, she needs a good and staple diet, filled with adequate nutrition, so that the body can derive enough energy to keep the essential processes in place and also ensure a healthy progress of development. Although, a balanced and nutrition rich diet is needed in general, the need gains more prominence during years of menstruation. Many fresh fruits and vegetables, should form a part of the diet during these years.

2. Formation of haemoglobin:

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When it comes to proper nutrition, the importance of iron cannot be overlooked. The role of the nutrient iron, is to make enough haemoglobin, which is essential for normal composition of blood. Due to a loss of blood and iron during menstruation period, the need for iron increases substantially. If the body is to make up for the loss of iron and blood lost during menstruation, it needs an additional dose of iron. Further, loss of iron can lead to anaemia, which can further torment the body.

3. Overall health of the body:

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Although menstruation is a normal part of the essential body processes, if proper care is not taken during this period, a woman can suffer from several diseases at later stages of life. To save her from this situation, enough nutrition should be provided and included as a part of regular diet and intake from time to time. Fresh fruits and vegetables should form a part of regular diet and foods that are rich in nutrients, iron and vitamins, should become a staple part of the diet. Depending upon the choice of diet, that is, vegetarian or non vegetarian, adequate foods should be included and right portion sizes should be consumed, to ensure that the body continues to function at a normal pace.

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The propensity of the body to recover from any diseases or to function properly, depends a lot on how well it is taken care of, during crucial stages such as in menstruation.

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