One of the more hushed topics in a woman’s life is her intimate hygiene. If only we were as open about our intimate hygiene as we are about skin care and makeup techniques, then our bodies would issue a thank you card to us every week. What we don’t realize is that maintaining hygiene is a lot more than just bathing every day but also our cleaning our private parts. It is important not just to feel fresh but to keep infections away. Since our intimate area is the most sensitive part of our body, it becomes especially necessary to take the utmost care while cleaning.

Here I provide you twelve tips on how to maintain your intimate hygiene.

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1. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash your vulva and make sure to rinse off all the soap.

2. Use a separate towel to wipe your intimate area. Use a clean towel to pat yourself dry so that any excess moisture doesn’t remain sitting there. You can also use vaginal wipes for the same.

3. Wipe yourself from back to front, i.e., from the vagina to anus so that no harmful bacteria can enter. It helps avoid many infections.

4. When menstruating, change sanitary pads frequently. I would suggest every 4-5 hours during the day.

5. Avoid using ordinary soaps and shower gels to wash your vagina because they may cause unnecessary problems like irritation, itching or rashes.

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6. Avoid wearing synthetic materials like nylon and lycra which increases humidity in the intimate area, in turn, causing bacterial infection. Wear cotton underwear as it enables the skin to breathe.

7. Try to avoid public restrooms because those places are swarming with bacteria.

8. Wearing panty liners every day leads to bacterial or fungal infection down there. It also increases the chances of contracting a yeast infection as they trap moisture, and you run a risk of vulvar irritation.

9. Do not shave off pubic hair entirely, instead give it a trim. Believe it or not but pubic hair is there for a reason, and we should let it be. It acts as a barrier to protect our vagina from bacteria.

10. Do not use any product that contains irritants or allergens like fragrances, dyes or strong chemicals.

Sirona India

11. Wash your intimate parts before and after sex to prevent the spreading of harmful infection from your partner to you or vice versa.

12. Try going commando the next time you sleep. During the night, avoid wearing underwear. I would advise you to wear boxers or shorts.

So ladies the next time you want to take care of your intimates, grab a packet of Sirona Intimate wipes and get cleaning for a dash of confidence and that feeling of freshness.

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