Did you know, an average person has 450 periods during their lifetime! I know the struggle is real. We can’t stop it, but an easy path can definitely be created to handle it. So, for first, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions about periods or things related to your menstrual cycle.

Here are 10 embarrassing questions before using tampons, that could be on your mind but you still hesitate to ask them.

Q1. Do I need to remove/change the tampon every time I pee?

No honey, being familiar with the female anatomy, there are two openings in the female body, the pee hole opening called the urethra and the vaginal opening. (Third opening being the anus)

Q2. Do tampons also come in different sizes?

Oh yes! They do. Just like sanitary pads come in different sizes for light to heavy flow, similarly, tampons also have the same purpose to sell! (tampons also come in different sizes).

Q3. Does tampon usage lose virginity?

It’s a silly myth, which states that if something goes up your vagina, it breaks your hymen which makes you lose your virginity. The concern is- can a tampon break your hymen? No, it won’t, until you deliberately shove it in hard. (Which happens in rare of the rare cases)

Q4. Can I sleep with the tampon in?

You need to be cautious while you sleep with a tampon. Tampons can be used for up to 8 hours. If you sleep with a tampon you wore during your day, you’re putting yourself at risk for an infection, so please don’t consider that option. Make sure you change it before going to bed. Also, if you have a heavy flow, consider a backup pad just in case.

Q5. What if I put the tampon in the wrong hole? (Is it possible?)

Yes, rare cases it is possible. But there is nothing to stress about. There are two openings in the female body, the pee hole opening called the urethra and the vagina. (Third opening being the anus). The tampon goes inside the vagina. You can learn how to wear a tampon by reading or watching videos about it.

Q6. Can I wear a tampon in the shower?

To cut the long story short- Yes you can wear a tampon while swimming or taking a shower. Health doctors advice that it’s a go

od idea to change your tampon after being in the water for a long time period.

Q7. Do tampons extract your vagina?

Umm, firstly where did you hear this? There is no research that tells a tampon stretches your vagina. Your vagina is meant to stretch out when it has to, and then to go back down to size when it can. So, don’t worry, be it a small size tampon or a large one, it won’t affect the stretching of your vagina.

Q8. Can a tampon get lost inside of you?

No sweetheart, a tampon cannot get lost inside of you. Yes, it could get pushed a little inside but the string remains outside. Grab the string and pull the tampon outside.

Q9. Does it feel weird to have them up there all day?

Not really. You feel a tampon most acutely upon insertion and once it’s fully absorbed. Mostly, it feels like nothing.

Q10. Does inserting a tampon arouse you?

But the reality of the situation is that dealing with tampons isn’t exactly a sexy situation. It’s menstrual blood, people. Usage of tampons is not going to arouse you at any cost but yes won’t bother you either.

Any other questions you think are embarrassing to ask, let us know and we will help you get your doubts clear right away!

Happy Periods!

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